10 signs that it’s time to quit online dating

Dating on the Internet — a thing, of course, is quite exciting and nowadays quite popular, however unlikely it is to get involved. At least, if these 10 points are written about you, it says that it is time to leave online Dating in the past.



  1. You become elusive

If you say to your friends “I need to go, bye” every time the handsome stranger from the Internet is interested in your plans, you are in serious trouble.

  1. You spend too much time on the Internet

It is hardly necessary to waste more than hour a day on online dating. Because in life, there are still many useful things: sleep, food, work, reading books, finally, walking.

  1. You really date way too much

If you’re Dating more than a couple times a week, thus you inevitably sacrifice your friendships and relationships with loved ones.

  1. You have every dating app

Of course, you can download and register the mobile app for dating. But why? What to put in priority, quantity, not quality?

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  1. Friends joke about your lifestyle

If your friends jokingly ask if you were ready to overcome the one million threshold, then it is a sure signal to the fact that in every joke there is a fair share of truth.

  1. You became a cynic

And this is hardly your advantage. This attitude, you will set up people against you and unlikely to be a pleasant companion for men.

time to quit online dating

  1. You have a penchant for bad boys

If your date is over stormy night, and then for some reason he never calls back, this is not surprising. Pay attention to more worthy men.

  1. You’re not sure in success

Maybe you’re convinced that all men with online dating sites are only wasting your time, but if you’re not confident in a positive result, it won’t work.

  1. You got tired of it

If you roll your eyes every time you hear the sound of an incoming message, it can be a wake-up call that you might as well give online Dating.

  1. You met someone amazing

quit online dating

If you finally found a decent man, you are seriously lucky! Now just concentrate on it and forget about the dating sites.

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