12 tips to kiss like a goddess

A good kiss will make your man experience the incredible range of emotions. Read how to make it truly unforgettable!


  1. Refresh your breath

That’s all understandable, so just make sure your teeth are clean and breath is fresh. These things can wipe out everything else.

Remember about the tongue kiss like a goddess

  1. Seize the moment

It is important to choose a moment, that the man wouldn’t began to think that you waited too long and he is uninteresting to you. Conversely, the rush is not worth it.

  1. Remember about the eyes

Why not to use eye contact? But remember that closed while kissing, the eyes to sharpen the other senses.

  1. Don’t try to control

On the contrary, let the man control the process. You should just respond to impulse and then leave it to him and enjoy the process.

12 tips to kiss like a goddess

  1. Kiss those who you like

Of course, anything can happen, but if you’re going to kiss a guy you really like, you will feel the difference.

  1. Relax and have a rest

Kiss is teamwork. Catch the vibes of each other and enjoy mutual pleasure.

  1. Remember about the tongue

To use tongue is very important, but only with skillful treatment. Be gentle and unobtrusive when you use tongue in a kiss.

Use your arms kiss like a goddess

  1. Be spontaneous

To surprise someone with a kiss is great. Do surprise him when he least expects it.

  1. Look around

New, unusual environment or strange place can make the kiss much more interesting.

  1. Check the saliva

Make sure you are in control of salivation, exactly the same as your tongue. This is important.

  1. Use your arms

Don’t get stuck on his face. Safely touch the neck or shoulders, and also arms and back.

Refresh your breath kiss like a goddess

  1. Don’t drink alcohol

Of course, alcohol drinks help to relax, but the best kisses happen when we’re still sober.

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