15 simple tips to look great without makeup

It is not necessary to spend your time on makeup, you can look great without it! If you follow this simple tips:


  1. Do eyebrows

Eyebrows the right shape to fit your face shape and eye shape, colored in a salon a permanent will transform your face and will not require pencil or mascara. Just do brush them and go!

tips to look great without makeup Add a little color

  1. Choose clothes of the correct shade

If you wisely approach the choice of clothing colors, you can easily make the face look fresh, skin — healthy and the overall look is refreshed. The rules are simple: if you’re white blonde, choose warm pastel shades. If you recently tired, not getting enough sleep, and the face looks sickly pale, your hair color, from blonde to dark brown, choose cool shades of pink, yellow, or red, highlighting their contrasting white. If you dark brown hair, pay attention to the warm shades of grey, marine blue, wine and emerald green. But if your type is light skin and dark hair, then your win-win option — any combination of black and white.

  1. Watch the hair

Unkempt hair turn any look into a sloppy. Regularly cut split ends, wash head often, don’t let the hair fuzzing to electrify and pick a fashionable haircut, which will allow you to save time on the installation.

tips to look great without makeup Treat skin

  1. Treat skin

Healthy, smooth and clear skin does not need masking foundation! Be sure to wash with a special cleansing agent morning and evening, then apply appropriate to your skin type cream or lotion. Proper cleansing of the skin is half the battle!

tips to look great without makeup Do eyebrows

  1. Remove excess

At least once a week do a mask based on white clay: it will clean the pores that will allow them to become narrower and less visible. If your skin is not too thin and sensitive, once a week, do gentle peeling based on acids, this will update the top layer of skin and make the surface smoother, and the complexion healthier.

  1. Solve a specific problem

Skin problem should not be overlooked. Apply remedies with salicylic acid on pimples, redness placate by means of natural oils, fight peeling, moisturizing and protecting the skin. “Will disappear by itself” is not a method!

  1. Apply sunscreen

Winter, spring, summer and autumn, before exploring or working weekdays, in the cloudy rainy day or a sunny morning, always, always, always your skin must be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

  1. Sleep enough

Corny, but it works! Skin looks healthy if you sleep at least 7 hours a night, and optimal sleep for it is 8-9 hours in the period from 23-00 to 9-00.

active lifestyle Rejoice

  1. Drink water

Too trite advice, but without enough liquid inside no moisturizing cream will return your skin smoothness, elasticity and radiance.

  1. Curl or grow eyelashes

No mascara will make your eyelashes open, long, and look — expressive, as cope with this task curler or the eyelash extensions. Natural, thin, silky, fluffy, they make your eyes bigger, look deeper, and overall more interesting!

  1. Care for lips

Regularly use a gommage or a lip scrub to get rid of peeling, moisturize lips with balms and oils and be sure to use lubricate protectant before going outside. Soft and seductive, they don’t need lipstick!

tips to look great without makeup Watch the hair

  1. White your teeth

Your smile will make you much more attractive than any makeup! Of course, if your teeth are healthy, they enamel is white and there is no plaque. If you are confused by the trip to the dentist, or you have sensitive teeth, which do not fit the clinical bleaching techniques, try the most effective pasta or homemade ways: they are also very effective!”

  1. Add a little color

Light (very-very light!!!) tan immediately makes the skin more healthy. Use the bronzer, just remember to carefully follow the instructions, apply the agent not only on face but also neck, décolleté and ears, and the result will please you!

  1. Do massage

Skin tone, elasticity and color markedly improved, if once a week you will massage the face.

  1. Wash properly

Washing by Laszlo system will relieve your skin from blackheads and comedo, will return its healthy color, blush, and long delay the need to visit the beautician!

15 simple tips to look great without makeup

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