5 simple rules of staying young


To be young means, to be…Cheerful. Fun. Easy-going. Curious. Believe in yourself and in life. Open for communication. Waiting only the good… So, fine. Add other adjectives, come up with your own! To be young is when nothing hurts. Can dance all night long without tiring. Easily endure the difficulties and troubles. Overlook the annoying little things. Can work, play, learn without feeling any fatigue. Not afraid of anything. Feel free, liberated…



1 rule of staying young: feel young

How to Staying young tip positive perception

Remember: you just need for your health on a daily basis, even if artificially and forcibly, insert yourself into a state of impenetrable twenty-five years (and if you want — even to nineteen-year-old) youth. This is the first rule of recovery.

Main thing is not to overdo it, because there are people who daily bring themselves to a state of baby – no walk, no talk


2 rule of staying young: exercise daily

How to Staying young tip Feel Young

The second rule of recovery: begin each morning with exercise. Regardless of how you feel, did you sleep well, and are you too lazy to do it or not. Take no prisoners! Select the most appropriate exercises — it can be therapeutic exercises, can be a tonic course, but more importantly, this should be done daily, gradually complicating the course, adding new exercises, longer time.


3 rule of staying young: work with your stress

How to Staying young tip a healthy lifestyle

Always pay attention to the work with your stress. Daily find time to analyze what you are today hurt, upset, any unpleasant sensations, memories arose, where there was a tension in the body, from what? Yeah, that’s right, every day, not occasionally! Freedom from stress — the key to health!


4 rule of staying young: a healthy lifestyle

How to Staying young tip be kind to yourself

Gradually move to a healthy lifestyle. This refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol), moderate diet with reduced fat and carbohydrates, the allocation of sufficient time for sleep and rest, physical activity in addition to the mandatory daily exercise — also hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, etc. at least 1-2 times a week!


5 rule of staying young: a positive perception

How to Staying young tip work with your stress

To accustom yourself to a positive perception of the world. Every night analyzing the day’s events, to find that it was good, and not to dwell on the bad. In bad, too, need to look good: ask yourself questions about what lesson can be learned, what experience is important to get and what to do to avoid this in future. Never blame anyone of anything! Yourself including. This does not mean that it is necessary to close eyes to bad behavior — your own and others. We need to understand what is good and what is bad, give a sober assessment of what is happening around.


Staying young tip: be kind to yourself

How to Staying young tip exercise daily

Learn kindness instead of condemnation. Learn gratitude — thank the life given to you for every little thing, because really in life there are no trifles, everything is important. Learn to be grateful and also to yourself, how you care about yourself, about your health, about your body and your soul! Don’t forget to pronounce words of encouragement in your own address. We all really miss it. And not have to wait until others praise you – give support, warmth, gratitude yourself. Accustomed several times a day to say to yourself: “I’m a good person”, “I’m good”, “I’m nice to myself.” Will see how will change the life because it will change your sense of self in this life. A good attitude is the best prevention of stress, depression, neurosis, and hence the diseases.

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