5 the most important components of an active lifestyle

If you type “active lifestyle” phrase in a search engine, wonder the number of articles that are given in the results of search engines and each of them will claim absolute truth on the subject of exactly how to conduct this “active lifestyle”.

In truth, there is not so much basic postulates in this case. So, you follow an active lifestyle if…


active lifestyle drink

Not so important, whether you are passionate about any sport, visit the gym or swim a couple times a week in the pool — activities you choose for yourself. Heart problems, muscle wasting, problems in the musculoskeletal system — it is only a fraction of the hassles you’ll avoid, if you include in your lifestyle regular physical activity. Lack of time? Forces? Will? All these excuses we’ve heard a thousand times, and will not talk you urgently to go to the gym and do push-ups a hundred times. For a start do this: try a part of the journey to the work to be done on foot, or go up to the third floor stairs, ignoring the elevator. You’ll see how much better you will feel with regular light exercise.


A varied and balanced diet is one of the main conditions for your well-being. Your body must receive all necessary for normal life of nutrients. Agree, much nicer to eat salad with a slice of whole grain bread than cold food something? In this case, you will get much more pleasure from the meal, and the body, in turn, will have beneficial minerals and vitamins! Thus it is not necessary to impose severe restrictions or something to prevent — after all, our brain is designed so forbidden is more desirable. Remember, everything in moderation. Just watch what you eat — healthy also can be delicious.


5 the most important components of an active lifestyle

Of course, it then goes solely on soft drinks. The shortage of water in the body significantly affects your health. According to some doctors, 1% dehydration (i.e. violation of the water balance) you can feel by slight thirst and a reduction of mental activity, 2% dehydration significantly reduce your performance while 4% lead to lethargy, apathy and signs of mental disorders. Accordingly, to avoid such troubles, try to drink enough fluids —daily rate you can calculate by a simple formula: 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. All non-alcoholic drinks consist of the water at 85-99%, so you can occasionally treat yourself to a glass of sweet drinks. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take into account all the calories that are provided with drinks.


active lifestyle Rejoice

Scientists from the National sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation, USA) has recently conducted an extensive study and found that how much should an adult sleep. The results you will be surprised — turns out you need to sleep at least 7 hours.

Get to sleep more than 7 hours — well, we will only envy you. The main thing — remember that without regular and continuous sleep you are unlikely to fully enjoy life: gradually begin to dwindle the body, to shatter the nervous system, and is athletic and toned beauty, at you in the mirror will look tired of life young lady with dark circles under the eyes. But you’re not trying, right?


most important components of an active lifestyle

The last point is perhaps the most important. Why eat right, exercise and monitor health? Correctly — to get fun from life and enjoy every day. That is why you need to indulge yourself sometimes.

And most importantly, do whatever you like! If a friend came in perfect shape, lifting iron in the gym, it does not mean that you need to do the same. Choose an activity that is sure to be making you happy — whether that be yoga, Biking, long walks or hiking. Neither the activities nor the balanced diet should not be a burden — otherwise it loses its meaning. Enjoy everything from food, drinks, training, communication with interesting people, because it is a pledge of your emotional state!

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