5 things not to say on a first date

It is better to refrain from any extremes unless your personal principles are not more expensive that date with the man. And better not to go on a date in the form in which it is not customary to appear in social areas.

If you don’t want a first date to become the last one, remember these five phrases you should never utter.


  1. “But my ex…”

5 things not to say on a first date

If you just finished the previous relationship, at every opportunity run from the risk of accidentally mentioning your ex. Don’t let phrases like “I remember when he…” or “on Saturdays he’s always…” to appear in your lexicon. Understand simple thing: if you’re talking about a former male, is a sign that you still have feelings for him. And if so, on what date can we talk?

  1. “The relationships that I want are…”

If you choose a garnish to the main dish, argue as much as you want. But talking about serious relationships and marriage on a first date is simply meaningless. Such deep conversations should wait when you are already in closer and more comfortable relationships with each other. Otherwise, the man will categorically do not understand you.

  1. “This waiter is such a jerk”

5 things not to say on a first date

If they make you a salad for already half an hour long, and you’re pretty hungry, this is not a reason to throw a tantrum. Even being sincerely confident that your anger and disappointment is justified. The man carefully observes how you interact with other people, and draws conclusions, so don’t make yourself a biddy and hysterical.

  1. “I am a convinced vegetarian”

If you want to express your views and beliefs, a table in the restaurant — this is clearly unsuitable. Especially with a man you met five minutes ago. And especially don’t try to force him to accept your point of view.

  1. “I want to be with someone like you”

5 things not to say on a first date

He has a great voice, he is stylishly dressed, handsome and promising man at all. Great. Maybe you were lucky enough to find your soul mate. But keep your temper and don’t jump on him with declarations of love. In short, don’t rush things.

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