8 signs that you should reject a job offer

It happens that after a tiring job search, interviews and the anticipation you get a positive answer, however, the proposal in fact turns out to be not so tempting.

Before agreeing, please note the following key points that signal you that you need to think twice.

  1. The company has a negative reputation

Fortunately, the Internet allows us to quickly and easily find almost any necessary information, including about potential employers. If the employees of this company speak about it in an extremely negative, don’t get weepy, otherwise you will get them.

The proposal does not coincide with what was discussed reject a job offer

  1. The work goes against your values

What you do should not go against your convictions. No job should make you feel alienated, even if is to be paid quite generously.

  1. Their corporate culture doesn’t suit you

In this place you have to spend every weekday for quite a long time, so you have to be sure that will fit perfectly into the environment. If something is confusing or worrying – this is a reason to refuse.

  1. The proposal does not coincide with what was discussed

It can be anything: position, duties, salary, work schedule and so on. The point is that if the final offer does not match what you promised in the interview, consider this as a serious wake-up call.

8 signs that you should reject a job offer

  1. You are not satisfied with the salary

If you were offered your dream job, don’t lose your head and think about the salary. If you offered much less money than you need for a comfortable existence, it is not necessary to agree, otherwise you will constantly be in a difficult situations when you cannot pay the bills.

  1. The employer seems unprofessional

Always pay attention to the behavior of the employees. Incompetence always catches the eye, and this is a sure sign that such employers should stay away.

  1. Work doesn’t leave time for personal life

The balance of work and personal life is incredibly important. Fascinated by the career, you risk to see your children in the morning, still asleep, and at evening had already fallen asleep. Of course, your man will not tolerate this, and your family will be under threat. Trust me, no work worth this sacrifice.

The work goes against your values reject a job offer

  1. This is too good to be true

If the offer will seem too attractive, something is definitely wrong. Listen to your intuition and don’t believe any promises. When you promise fast track to success and huge income, think: but how? Be sensible and don’t take any chances.

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