Basic rules of healthy sleep

“Not a secret to anybody that a calm restful sleep is always a guarantee of cheerfulness, good mood and physical well-being,” says the neurologist. “For example, recent studies of American doctors says women who are chronically have not enough sleep are fattening faster “.

Here are some of the basic rules of healthy sleep:


Obey the day regimen

No matter how ridiculous it may seem. Try to go to sleep during all days of the week at the same time, even on weekends. Preferably not later than 22 hours.

On weekdays it is easier, as most of us up around the same time for work. But in the weekend you can get used to get up with alarm clock. Healthy cheerfulness never obstruct anyone, even on Saturday morning.

Basic rules of healthy sleep


Develop the reflexes

Program your body for sleeping. For example, do light exercises, read a few pages from a thick book or drink a nightly glass of milk. The body in a couple of weeks will get used to relax and unwind after these step.

Bedtime is useful to take a warm aromatic bath or a contrast shower — it relaxes and adjusts to the sleep.


The main thing – quality

“Aim for quality sleep, and not to a late start,” says the neurologist. Each person needs different amount of sleep. Some sleep for 5 hours, and that’s enough for them, and some feel relaxed only after 10 hours of good restful sleep. So don’t try to sleep longer, if you no longer want.

Many are familiar with the feeling that they slept too long. It is accompanied by general weakness, a slight headache, apathy.

“They felt like that due to the fact that all internal organs have already slept and rested, they are ready to work,” says the neurologist, “and we are continuing to sleep, do not give them this opportunity. The average for a grown man to sleep about 7-9 hours a day, but again I repeat, sleep is very individual”.


Food is not a friend to sleeping

Dense dinner, and tonics —coffee, strong tea, orange juice — interfere with good sleep. Abundant and especially fat food will cause your digestive system to work, while the brain will ease, and it will not give you normal sleep.

Before bedtime desirable to eat something light: low-fat yogurt, vegetable salad, fruits. But have a full dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime.


Take care of bed

“If your mattress is too small, too tall, soft or hard, sleeping on it will be uncomfortable,” says the doctor.  “You must pick a mattress that will provide good spinal support.”

But the most important is the pillow. Choose the pillow carefully. If you don’t sleep on the right pillow during sleep cervical vertebrae are in an unnatural position, muscles of the upper back and neck are tense, blood flow to the brain is slow and incomplete. Here comes problems with headaches in the morning with chronic fatigue throughout the day.

Take care of bed



“The less clothes — the better the sleep,” explain the experts, “choose the most comfortable clothes for sleeping even at the expense of beauty.”

Clothes should not be close-fitting, should not restrict the movements. Cotton or linen are the best option. Change your sleep clothes not less than twice a week.


Open windows

Let fresh air in your bedroom, so it should be aired every day or open the windows before you go to bed. The optimal temperature for sleep is from 22 to 25C (71 to 77F).


Immediately get up

Not worth it to lie around in bed after waking up, even if the window is still dark, and the clock – very early in the morning.

Obey the day regimen


The most vital thing about sleep

The right sleep starts with the right evening – aired space, not full stomach, a favored book and a warm shower. Best to sleep on a comfortable mattress and a properly chosen cushion in loose clothing made from natural fabrics.

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