Colors in clothes and in life


Since ancient times people have drawn attention to the fact that the colors surrounding a human world in a special way affects it. The ancient sages saw in the man the intertwining of different energies, each of which was painted in a single color. Today it is scientifically proved.

In the world, there are certain basic colors like red, blue, yellow, green, black, white and a billion shades of these colors, which have analogous effects.

To exciting, stimulating, action-colors include: red (the color of life, power, strength), orange (warmness, coziness), yellow (contact, light).

Soothing, relaxing color – blue (calmness, confidence, self-discipline), purple (creativity).

Balance, distract from the excitation – clean green (freshness, taste, harmony), olive (soft, calm), yellow-green (emancipation and update). Black color helps to focus, and the white and grey – perfectly relieves irritation, soothes is also brown and its shades. Yellow – stimulates the “thirst of knowledge”, thinking, decision.

Soothing, relaxing color


Color in our life is everywhere: the interior of the house or office, a restaurant, a car, and of course, clothes.

If you try to listen to inner feelings, the color cannot leave us indifferent. We dress up every day, and as psychologists say, our mood mainly reflected in the choice of not only what to wear but also what color it will be. Even in grey office suit, you can make your bright adjustments, for example, tie a bright green scarf. Director of large companies are hiring to work for employees, always pay attention to how a potential employee is dressed, and what colors he was attracted most of all for this case. So if color affects our daily lives, we should probably figure out how to make the best use of the knowledge about color to advantage.

Colors in clothes and in life



Orange is the color that reflects creativity, nobility of thought, self-confidence, responsibility and firmness in making decisions, a sign of a strong personality that attracts others to their positive attitude to life. Dirty-orange is the colour of aggression, of fear.



Yellow – symbolizes man’s vital energy; it is the color of intelligence, rationality, logical thinking, practicality. Dirty yellow – paralysis of will, an overabundance of negative thoughts.

color in jewelry



Green is the color of balance and harmony, of warmth of heart, love for nature and people. It is the color of growth, the changes and the birth of a new perception, healing energy. Dirty green is the color of depression, sadness.



Purple – reflects the presence of spiritual power. It talks about the ability to penetrate into the essence of human nature and to live for others, commitment to high ideals and possibilities of spiritual growth. Dark purple color is most common in people with mental disorders (schizophrenia), drug addicts.


color in jewelry 2



White is a sign of wisdom, of enlightenment, religiosity, high level of intuition and awareness of the surrounding world.



Blue (Indigo) – the color of tranquility. Loyalty, faithfulness. The ability of clairvoyance and telepathy. A certain level of dedication.



Pink is the color of compassion, purity, love of beauty and art. The color of self-sacrifice. The pink color in the clots – the accumulation of energy offense. Women in most cases suggests that there are already benign.

color in wardrobe



Red is the color of energy, which is a source of vitality, passion, desire, increased emotionality, physical activity, determination and strength of character. Dirty red is the colour of aggression, of fear.


And every shade “includes” us in a coordinate system of a planet. And if so, it makes sense to take another look at your wardrobe.

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