How to draw arrows makeup: 5 common evening makeup mistakes

Classic “Hollywood” evening makeup —impressive arrows and bright lipstick. This make-up seems simple and long familiar, although many girls still haven’t learned to draw the “right” arrow and choose a shade of red lipstick for your color type and shape. We asked the makeup artist at YSL Beaute show how to create arrows, and to tell about typical mistakes of evening makeup.

Our model constantly draw arrows in ordinary life — we asked her to put on makeup for an evening out on her own, and makeup artist to correct the error and commented on the most important points.

Arrows makeup mistake 4 eyelashes not done


Arrows makeup mistake 1: Wrong arrow

Overall, our heroine copes with arrows, but she makes way too short its outer tip, thereby visually slimming to the eye.

Right: the model brows are quite long and this eyebrow eye shape that the tip of the arrow we need to draw longer — upwards to the eyebrows. Do not be afraid! This can make the eye shape more elongated, almond-shaped and to harmonise the arrow with a fairly wide eyebrows.

Arrows makeup mistake 1 Wrong arrow

Arrows makeup mistake 2: Applying bright lipstick without border

It’s no secret that drawing even without the red lipstick contour pencil is now in trend. The effect of “kiss” lips has not been canceled, but there is one caveat: the model selects cold lipstick, a wine shade, and it is these blooming tend to “eat” the volume of the lips, in the end, it looks smaller than it actually is.

Right: For evening makeup would be more appropriate, not cold, but warm shade of lipstick. Besides, it is the color of the skin of our heroine. I also used eye pencil: special attention was paid to the upper lip, well-developed upper corners to balance the width with the width of the lower lip.

Arrows makeup mistake 3: failure to use the correct shade of blush

Our heroine makes a typical mistake of many girls: first she chooses a lipstick of a cold shade, and then uses it, apparently, usual in everyday life peach blush — the warmest tint available. In the end it looks not harmonious.

Right: I would advise for a red lipstick to pick up blush a soft pink color. Apply very light, thin layer, from the middle of the cheek toward the temples. We only planned a barely noticeable blush: not doing any contour and do not use any aggressive colors.

Arrows makeup mistake 3 failure to use the correct shade of blush

Arrows makeup mistake 4: eyelashes not done

Long lashes is a real gift of nature, and the model in this sense was lucky. However, the ink she uses is wrong: it’s not curves lashes, causing her not in a straight line from the base, and from the middle.

Right: Arrows require voluminous lashes. So paint them from the root — minor zig-zag motion, lifting the lashes upwards. Be sure to pay attention and lower lashes but only at the base — the tips do not touch.

Arrows makeup mistake 5: eyebrows makeup

Our heroine eyebrows are gorgeous, and she quite right just combing them and establishes a transparent gel. But if we look at the external tip of the eyebrow — there are gaps that would be nice to paint over so that the makeup looked neat and complete.

Arrows makeup mistake 2 Applying bright lipstick without border

Right: I used transparent gel, and brown mascara for brows. Worked across the width of the brow, paying special attention to the tip — it needs to paint over and give the eyebrows a completed form.

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