How to grow long eyelashes with simple care

How to make your eyelashes thicker and longer? Every girl dreams of having thick and long lashes. To turn your lashes into a long and enchanting will help quite a simple care procedures.

Choose right mascara for long eyelashes


What is needed for your eyelashes to become irresistible

  1. Use proper make-up remover for long eyelashes

First, it is necessary to apply proper make-up remover. Remember, in whatever state you came home, removing makeup is a main goal! Never use soap and water to get rid of makeup, such a union may cause irritation of the skin around the eyes. For eliminating makeup from the eyes, you should use special cosmetic milk or emulsion. Make sure that these funds do not contain alcohol, otherwise your eyelashes will suffer.

  1. Use herbal compresses for long eyelashes

Second, long lashes is regular use of various kinds of herbal wraps. Suitable for compresses herbs are: chamomile, calendula, nettle, sage, series, black and green tea. In the warm broth dip cotton pads for 20-25 minutes to put then on the eyes.

Use proper make-up remover for long lashes

  1. Brush your long eyelashes

Third, long lashes is regular combing. Combing should be carried out with a special brush, preferably made of natural cloth. Experts do not recommend cutting the tips of the lashes. In most cases it does not bring expected effect.

  1. Choose right mascara for long eyelashes

Fourth, long eyelashes is a well-chosen mascara. It is best to use vitamin mascara. Besides vitamins it also contains proteins, keratin and melanin that can protect the lashes from external factors. Do not skimp on mascara!

  1. Use masks for long eyelashes

Fifthly, to get long eyelashes will help a hydrating mask for eyelashes. So, let’s look at what hydrating mask for eyelashes we can use at home.

Use masks for long eyelashes


Long eyelashes homemade mask – burdock oil.

Burdock oil for eyelashes contributes to their nutrition and active growth and give them volume. Burdock oil is able to stop hair loss. Burdock oil for eyelashes you should use as follows: wash an old mascara bottle and then fill it with oil. Apply the oil to eyelashes every evening for 15 minutes, and then wipe eyes with a cotton pad. If you have very damaged lashes, the remedy can be left overnight. Keep oil from falling on the eyes, otherwise the eyes should be liberally flushed with water.

Long eyelashes castor oil homemade mask

Another very effective remedy is castor oil, which has a favorable effect on the health of the eyelashes. The procedure with this oil is also easier to make a brush from an old mascara.

Long eyelashes vitamin A homemade mask

To have long lashes, you need to remember vitamin A has positive effect on the eyelashes health and growth. For applying, you need to mix a vitamin A and castor oil and carefully wipe the mixture on eyelashes afore going to bed for 15 minutes or leave overnight.


Long eyelashes grape seed oil mask recipe

For this purpose it is required to mix in equal parts grape seed oil, almond oil and castor oil. This mixture is a great way to care for damaged eyelashes. This tool as all the previous should be applied at bedtime for 15 minutes or leave overnight.

Long eyelashes sea buckthorn oil DIY mask

Sea buckthorn oil is a firming and Rasmussen means. To prepare it you need to mix in equal proportions the sea buckthorn oil and castor oil. Apply the mixture on eyelashes before going to sleep for 15 minutes or leave overnight.

Long eyelashes at home – massage.

Massage can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Massage eyelashes recommended with the use of aloe juice. Aloe should be to massage the eyelids and gently RUB it into the eyelash growth line.

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