How to wear oversized: 7 rules to look stylish

Things from the oversized trend has long since turned into classics, but not all ladies can became friends with them.

We have identified 7 simple rules that will help you look stylish in any way, with oversized clothes!


How to wear oversized: Don’t risk

rules How to wear oversized:

If you only recently decided to buy oversized things, start with one, whether it be a coat, sweater or slacks. It is not easy to combine in one image several oversize-items even for professional stylists, so not worth the risk.

How to wear oversized: There is a limit

rules How to wear oversized:

Oversized things — this isn’t just stuff larger than they originally cut and sewn in a similar manner. But if you want to buy a “regular” sweater as an oversized, remember that it should not exceed your size more than 2 units.

How to wear oversized: Do waist

rules How to wear oversized:

What to wear with oversized coat? If you think the image turned out to be baggy and shapeless, you will save a wide strap or belt: urgently “do” waist!

How to wear oversized: The new height

rules How to wear oversized:

Pull the figure in the way with things oversized easy enough to wear heels. Choose shoes depending on your bottom: if it’s slacks, try on the boots or shoes with thick heel stable; if, on the contrary, skinny or leggings, you can stay on the stud.

How to wear oversized: Play on contrasts

rules How to wear oversized:

The most simple combination that always looks good — bulky sweater and skinny jeans. It’s really a win-win situation. Not less successful and playing with textures, for example, a large chunky knit cardigan, wear it with thin silk dress-combination and deliberately rough boots.

How to wear oversized: Don’t forget about yourself

rules How to wear oversized:

Overall, the oversized fit girls with any body type and clothing size, but it is important when choosing things to consider your preferences and particular shape. For example, the owner of magnificent forms better to abandon shapeless dresses that will make her bigger, and give preference to the coat-the cocoon or wide trousers (with heels).

How to wear oversized: Light color

rules How to wear oversized:

Many believe that black cloth look best oversized, but it’s not. Plus size girls these items of clothing will transform into a thundercloud, and the miniature fashionista will absolutely imperceptible. In addition, when combined with deliberate volume of light and not a bright color, the image becomes lighter. Particularly relevant this mix in the spring: be sure to look at free coats and trench coats in pastel and neutral muted tones.

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