Rules of winter sex: 7 tips to make it better

Show yourself to him in all your glory

To enhance the desire of the beloved, spur his imagination. He rejoices not only what is in sight, but hidden.

Tip #1

Wear a top or shirt made of thin fabric and “accidentally” wet it, for example, out of the shower in the bathroom. Now your beloved will see every single curve of your breast. This water treatment is will refresh you and make it.

Pheromones in battle

Did you know that body odor influences sexual desire is stronger than a French perfume? The pores of the skin secrete special substances called pheromones. And they, in turn, are detected by the brain, which is responsible for sexual attraction.

Pheromones in battle

Tip #2

Choose a position for the winter sex to maximize body contact. Try massage the body. Pull over to him stronger and rub his chest up and down. From time to time pinch his neck, abdomen and buttocks — it brought together you even more.

Move slowly

In winter, all our movements and breathing rate slow down. Why don’t you use this? During foreplay, for example. This “inhibited” reaction helps to prolong the enjoyment. Take a bet, you can withstand love torture longer than he is. Now get to check.

Move slowly

Tip #3

Start first. Kiss his neck and chest, gently stroke thighs, walk around the lips and hair along the back. How he stood it? Now exchange places. Alternate, avoiding direct contact until then, until the patience runs out for both. When the passion slowly lights up and slowly comes to the boiling point, orgasm becomes extremely powerful unit release pent-up energy.

Take a shower

When the body gets used to a constant (albeit very pleasant) temperature, its response become less sharp. To pull the body out of sweet slumber will help you a cold shower. If on a steamed skin to send a small jet of ice, the excitement will increase.

Tip #4

Put it next to the bed sprayed with ice water. As soon as you feel your nerves strained to the limit, refresh each other. So the response was more acute, target the places with the most delicate skin: the back of the neck, the nipples, the region of the coccyx, inner surface of thighs, and popliteal depression.


To get not just fun, but incomparable pleasure, you cannot do without additional humidification. Try a lubricant with a warming effect for hot winter sex. It not only warms, but increases the excitement, which will only increase with every movement.

Tip #5

Squeeze a little gel onto your palm and slowly distribute it throughout the length of the partner’s penis, moving to the groin. A favorite in reply let him moisten your most intimate places. Then every touch will be taken extremely acutely.

Make heating cocktail

Make heating cocktail

Want to know what is a real tropical sex? Then take fruits or citrus ice cream. Succulent exotic fruits can greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

Tip #6

Sit on your beloved and slowly move to the beat of his or her own feelings. Feed each other right during the process. Don’t be afraid to get dirty in sticky juice: licking from your favorite body sweet drops is very nice.

Catch the buzz from sex in the winter

Having fun, so nice in exhaustion to sit on the bed. Want a pleasant state lasted for as long as possible? Stay where you are as long as you can.

Catch the buzz from sex in the winter

Tip #7

If immediately after orgasm you go out on a balcony or under a cool shower, the shock of the temperature drop takes you out of the state of Nirvana. Do not make unnecessary movements. Just stay near your beloved, eyes closed. Let your body retain heat. So you will feel stronger all the shades of the resulting pleasure.

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