9 things you need for full happiness

If you do not feel happy in your own home, then you need to do something about it, and it is desirable as soon as possible. After all, an unhappy person can`t enjoy life or achieve some heights. To get rid of depression, psychologists recommend paying attention to the colors, smells, lighting and interior details that surround you. After all, these little things can create comfort not only in the apartment, but also in the soul.

Indoor plants or a bouquet of flowers

If you consider the purchase of a bouquet a waste of money (or you just wish flowers that quickly wither), then buy home plants that cheer up, improve the microclimate in the apartment, as well as attract happiness and luck to the house. Although scientists, for example, have proved that it is fresh flowers that evoke joyful emotions and enhance the sense of satisfaction with life, so do not give up bouquets, if suddenly someone decided to give them to you.

Scented candles

Candles are able to decorate any interior, add a touch of romanticism, adjust to a certain mood, cheer up and give a feeling of absolute happiness. Therefore, if you do not have candles with vanilla flavor yet, we highly recommend to fix it and buy a couple.

Beautiful bed linen

Psychologists say, what beautiful linens and carefully made-up bed is also able to make us a little happier. After all, it is so nice to return after a hard day’s work in a cozy bedroom, where there is order and beauty. So do not be lazy to spend a few minutes in the morning to made-up the bed.

Cozy blanket

Plaid, which you want to cover yourself up and forget about everything in the world, not only warm in the cold season, but also decorate the interior, and make it more comfortable and atmospheric.

Family photos and paintings

Family photos or paintings that you enjoy can give a feeling of happiness and to lighten the mood. So put it on the bedside table your portrait, hang in the rooms works of art and enjoy happy moments.

Image of animals

If you do not have the opportunity to have a pet, do not despair. To get rid of the pressing feeling of loneliness, for example, it is enough to add to the interior a little animal theme: images or animal figures, textiles with a suitable print and more.

Bright walls

Why not add some bright colors to your life? But do not rush to add to your interior accessories of all shades of the rainbow. It is enough to paint the walls in green or yellow. Researchers from Amsterdam have determined that these shades are able to make a person happy.


Psychologists assure that the heap up in the apartment causes only negative emotions, while minimalism and the presence of free space make you feel much happier. Therefore, do not turn your house into a warehouse of unnecessary things, which accumulates dust and negative energy.

Keeping your apartment tidy

Scientists have shown that women are stressed when they have to live in a cluttered apartment or spend their energy to cope with the disorder. Therefore, do not bring yourself to such a state — periodically browse things, get rid of unnecessary rubbish and a few days a week, find time to clean.

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