9 Simple Tips How to Look Good Without Makeup

Surprisingly, in recent years, more and more girls have given preference to naturalness. You can even say that naturalness and natural beauty has become fashionable. But how to look beautiful without make-up, if you have used cosmetics for many years and do not imagine yourself without a make-up on the street? Admit it, this is already an addiction. But to discover your beauty, it is not necessary to apply a ton of paint to your face. Here are 10 simple tips that will allow you to be attractive and even without makeup.

1.Proper nutrition

Man is what he eats. This expression did not appear in an empty place, you certainly noticed that it is worth eating too much fat or sweet, as the skin becomes covered with pimples or rashes. Therefore, there is no better way to look attractive than proper nutrition and plenty of drinking. Include in your diet more foods that contain fiber. It helps to quickly cope with the removal of waste from the body, and improves metabolism. 70% of the diet should be fruits, vegetables and greens. Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s worth it. You will quickly notice improvements.

Clean water is just necessary in order to look attractive. Our body for the most part consists of water, it is the use of 1-1, 5 liters of fluid per day that will relieve you of dry skin, peeling, etc. In addition, a lack of water, as well as its overabundance, can cause swelling and puffiness.

2. Vitamins

For healthy radiance and elasticity, the skin simply needs the intake of vitamins in sufficient quantities. And in general your state of health depends on it. So do not be lazy to visit the pharmacy and buy a good vitamin and mineral complex that contains vitamins: C, B, E, retinol, selenium, biotin, zinc and silicon. These are the most important substances for maintaining natural beauty.

3. Healthy lips

Lips – this is perhaps one of the most delicate areas of skin on the face. And this means that they need attention and care. To make the lips beautiful and smooth, get the rule to massage them every day with a toothbrush. It will improve blood circulation and help get rid of the keratinized cells, making the lips soft and smooth. It is good to do peeling once a week, and also apply a quality oil or lip lotion before bed.

4. Full rest and sleep

How many times have you heard that a full sleep is necessary for normal well-being? Do you always get enough sleep? And in vain! After a lack of sleep leads to serious problems with health, depression, and bruises under the eyes, extinct eyes and deterioration of complexion. So take for a rule to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night and, if possible, at least half an hour during the day. However, daytime sleep is not necessary. You can just relax, read a book, watch your favorite TV show or lie down with your eyes closed. This will allow you to relax and calm the nervous system, as well as find inner harmony.

These simple tips should be used in life to be attractive without make-up and save a lot of time. After all, applying makeup in the morning and evening make-up every day is about an hour of your life, which can be spent with profit for yourself or close people!

5. Cold water

Early in the morning, first of all, after you brush your teeth, you need to sprinkle cold water on your face and eyes. Also, whether in the office or elsewhere, as soon as you have a free minute, water your face with cold water and you will feel the difference. This procedure will cheer you up, and even your skin will not look dull, as it usually is at the end of the day. You will look fresh like after a dream, that gives anybody a good look.

15 simple tips to look great without makeup

6. Eyebrows of the correct form

When people’s eyes fall on your well-looking face without make-up, you can not have it come across uneven eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows are of the correct shape and no single protruding hair will ruin the perfect shape of your eyebrows. The same applies to your eyelashes, which should be well-groomed so that even without make-up, they look great.

tips to look great without makeup Add a little color

7. Good hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle of the right form can work wonders. Make a good hairstyle, anything that suits your face and makes you cute even without a single trace of makeup. That’s the key feature of how to look beautiful without makeup.

8. Daily proper facial treatment

No matter how tired you are, there should be no excuses from the daily skin care process. If you do not care for your skin, do not expect that it will look good without make-up. So, proper daily skin care, including moisturizing and using other natural creams is very important. Make sure that you are using the right product based on herbs. Once a week, do a full-fledged face care. That’s how to look better without makeup.

tips to look great without makeup Watch the hair

9. Daily exercise and a healthy diet

This is a very important advice on how to look good without make-up. Daily exercises will not only help you stay healthy and strong, but also give your skin an excellent, healthy glow, you will find out how to look hot without makeup. Include in your diet a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The right diet will give your skin a healthy appearance.

So, girls, do not you think that looking good without make-up is a great idea? Do not spend so much money on all these expensive cosmetic kits, harm the skin with coarse chemicals contained in cosmetics. You can naturally have healthy, glowing skin and look good and attractive. Well, what do you say, girls? Try it on yourself and see the difference!

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