How to love yourself: 3 main rules

For some it may seem strange how you can not love yourself, but for someone it is a huge problem, the roots of which often grow from childhood. But it is never too late to learn to love and appreciate yourself. Release 3 things and you will be easier to live and accept yourself for who you are.

Opinion of others

Many believe that in order to love yourself you just need to stop paying attention to the opinion of others. In fact, this is fundamentally wrong. We pay attention to the words of others about us that really concern us. And no one can convince a person of something, if he really does not think so. Think for yourself, if some neighbor or colleague will constantly tell you that you just look disgusting, but you know that you are a real beauty, you will not believe her. If this example is too complex and You sometimes still doubt in his own irresistible, then think about what if You are the owner of beautiful long hair, You wouldn’t believe someone who would say that they are horrible.

If You pay attention to someone else’s opinion about yourself, so You yourself think so. Perhaps Your fault lies on the surface and just first catches the eye. But usually it is on it that no one pays attention, because from the school bench a person is already accustomed to the fact that ill-mannered adults and children point to it.

It is possible that some lack about which You did not know, has reached such dimensions that it became noticeable to others. Think, will You be able to do something to get rid of it or is it not in Your power?

There are many tips on how to stop paying attention to other people’s statements in your address. But there is only one effective tip. Maybe people think they want you to be nice. In fact, they just want to humiliate you, to raise their own self-esteem or to spoil the mood. So don’t be afraid when someone would point out Your fault, just calmly start to list the shortcomings of his companion. Of course, this can lead to conflict or quarrel, maybe you even completely spoil the relationship. But when You get people talking about Your weaknesses, he has already shown You what not particularly appreciate Your relationship or believes that he can do anything. Only act within reason and if Your weaknesses lists mother-in-law or boss, you should just keep quiet if You want to keep family and work.

Get on with your life

Stop digging into your past at last. You will never be able to relive the same events, change them or change the opinion of people important to you. Of course, there are many stories about how the girl was able to change and then went back to her high school sweetheart and former husband. Believe me, in old age It will be a shame that You spent your life in order to meet someone’s ideals and ideas about beauty. If you had a bad relationship with classmates at school, you should not put a million photos in social networks, trying to hit them with something or change their opinion about themselves. Nothing but envy or irony will not cause. Also, do not try to return someone, because if a person does not appreciate all your advantages in time and chose to search for a more convenient option, it is not worth your time or attention.

Feel sure of yourself

Many young girls get lost when they are praised, complimented, or trying to get to know each other. They think they’re just not worthy of it. To get rid of this fear, you should record such cases, so that the next time you are attacked by melancholy, depression or disbelief in their own strength, you were able to re – read the list and make sure that You-beautiful and worthy of the best.

Also, do not be afraid if your life comes a white stripe and something good happens. Do not wait for the subsequent payback for the good times. Believe me, there is something good in your life, because You deserve it, and in a different way the universe just doesn’t work. If something desired does not appear, and the dream is not fulfilled, it means only that the time has not yet come, and if you do not give up, then everything will come true.

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