Cohabitation Before Marriage: Pros and Cons

More and more couples are starting to live together without entering into an official marriage. This phenomenon has in society as supporters, and even opponents. Both those and others give reasons confirming their positions. Consider joint living before marriage – the pros and cons.

There is no proper living together before marriage statistics that can prove either it beneficial or harmful. We can only say that the beginning of a joint life is a new stage in the development of relations. Moving to your second half will affect the relationship with the partner, and will also have a strong impact on the rest of your life.

But do not rush, because you need to think about all possible options for the development of relations in the future, after the move. Let’s talk about pros and cons of living together before marriage.

Good reason to live together 1 Your emotional state improves

Pros of moving in together before marriage

  1. It allows you to better know the partner, get acquainted with his lifestyle and habits.
  2. The opportunity to feel what a joint life is with this person. Thus, you can find out if you are ready to spend with him a further life. If problems arise in this period and they can not be solved, this will be an occasion for discussing the further development of relations or their termination.
  3. To see the person in any mood and condition, after all at one meetings it is impossible. Learn about all the shortcomings of a loved one, his cleanliness, neatness and accuracy.
  4. There will be more time for each other. Full understanding of family life, its way of life, domestic problems. If partners have doubts about getting married, then a joint life will allow them to confirm or vice versa, dispel.
  5. You can feel more mature and independent. This is especially true if a young person lives with his parents.
  6. Less house spendings.
  7. It’s easier to tear apart, i.e. ways to retreat are not hampered by legislative and social obstacles.
  8. Independence is preserved
  9. The ability to make changes in your life with the help of half measures. Given that for many people marriage (even the thought of it) is a very stressful factor, living together before marriage can prepare such a person for a more decisive step – registration of relations.


Cons of living together before marriage

  1. The uncertainty of the family future.
  2. It is easier to lose each other because of petty problems.
  3. The anticipation of living together is lost and its value is diminished, since the congress often happens spontaneously and quickly – once a night was spent, two of them came together.
  4. What does the bible say about living together before marriage? Living together with the presence of sexual relations before the wedding is condemned and considered a sin in many religions.
  5. Things and other property acquired during living together but not married are the property of the person who acquired them. This means that the section on the court of this property is difficult. The exception is those cases when the applicant for a share can prove that he invested in the purchase of his own funds. To do this, you need to maintain a kind of accounting, which will look rather strange in the eyes of the partner. Therefore, the stamp in the marriage registration certificate is a guarantee of financial security in case of separation.
  6. In the event of a tragic death of one member of the couple, the second may lose the property.
  7. According to the research of American scientists, couples moving in before marriage, are more likely to part later.
  8. If cohabitation lasts for more than four years, the probability of the couple joining the marriage decreases. In such situations, the opponent of marriage in most cases is a man, since he already has everything he wanted plus a clean passport.

Relationship problems after moving in together

It is also possible that one of the partners decides that a joint life is convenient enough and suitable, but getting married is already too much. At the same time, if another partner wants to play a wedding, serious problems and difficulties may arise. Perhaps their decision will determine whether these two people will remain a couple or go their separate ways each way. That is why, when deciding on a joint life, it is desirable to specify the terms. That is, specify the moment when the normal relationship will need to be legalized. One of the most urgent issues is finance. Before you dare to move, you need to carefully discuss and reflect on this area of life.

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