6 rules of regular nail care


From time to time to give yourself a manicure or visit a salon for the same purpose — we would not say is enough to maintain the beauty and health of nails and hands. They require attention each day. That’s what kind of regular maintenance beauty nails needs:

5 rules of regular nail care


Moisture your hands skin

If not to make a habit of daily hand skin moisturizing in time, over the years, it will demonstrate your age to others. So get a hand cream that’s convenient for you to composition, texture and smell, to use it in a spare moment. By the way, it really is better to use cream when your hands are no way involved in something, or you will not wait until the cream will “merge” with the skin fully, there will be a desire to remove not yet absorbed excess product.

Do not use water-based lotions

Experts advise not to choose alternative to classic creams as light water based lotions. These lotions are really nice to use — well soften hands and almost instantly absorbed, allowing you again to put the hands in use, but due to the water formula, the moisture evaporates quickly, which again will lead to dry skin. Therefore give preference to remedy with nourishing oils — they will help to retain skin hydration for longer.

Don’t give up your cuticle oil

Well-cared hands are, on the one hand, strong, smooth nails with beautiful form, on the other hand ― clean, soft, hydrated skin around them. Dry, “overgrown” cuticle inevitably spoils “picture” — nails will not look neat. To problems with the cuticle did not arise, it is necessary to monitor its condition and when signs of dryness to take appropriate measures — with the help of cuticle oil. It comes with excellent brushes and pipettes — each can choose the most convenient format. The compactness of the oil bottles allows you to always have a remedy for yourself, to take care of the cuticle even on the go. For the treatment of each nail needed only quite tiny drop, which spreads all over the skin surrounding the nail shaft. Also effective is massage after applying oil, massage it into the skin. Through such care for nails roots you will stimulate their growth, and they should become more healthy, strong and powerful.

Moisture your hands skin


Watch the length of the nails

Each of us knows which nails length is “critical”. Reaching it nails, as a rule, begin to break down, exfoliate and subjected to other trouble. To prevent this, it is necessary to maintain the optimal length and trim nails, not waiting for the moment when you start to receive damage. Use nail scissors or nail knipser, and then soften sharp corners with the help of a nail file.

Take care of beautiful nail color

It’s not about the nail polishes — the color of the nail plate itself should be uniform and healthy. If you notice your nail is dull in color or they absorbed the pigment of the nail polish after manicure, take advantage of the bleaching properties of lemon — mop nails with slices of this citrus fruit every day during the week. Do not take this “course” for more than 7 days — there is a risk that a more prolonged exposure to lemon juice will bring the nails and skin around them to draining.

Do nails baths

5 rules of regular nail care

If at some day you have the opportunity to give your nails more than a couple or three minutes, give them a home procedure — bath with olive oil. Reheat it to a comfortable temperature for you and place in the tips of the fingers for 15-20 minutes. This preventative measure will be useful for all, especially for owners of delicate, thin, not very strong nails — these baths will help them to grow.


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