How to Stay Looking Young

To be young means, to be…Cheerful. Fun. Easy-going. Curious. Believe in yourself and in life. Open for communication. Waiting only the good… So, fine. Add other adjectives, come up with your own! To be young is when nothing hurts. Can dance all night long without tiring. Easily endure the difficulties and troubles. Overlook the annoying little things. Can work, play, learn without feeling any fatigue. Not afraid of anything. Feel free, liberated… Here 9 ways to be younger.

1. Eat less and slower

According to the British Medical Journal, about 84% of people who have problems with excess weight eat much faster – on average they chew one serving of food in 3 seconds, while more slender people spend about 9 seconds on it.

In addition, many nutritionists believe that obesity uniquely reduces the level of the most important male hormones, and, first of all, testosterone. There are studies showing that the presence of 15 kg excess weight is equivalent to aging for 10 years.

How to Staying young tip exercise daily

2. Play computer games

Studies by the American Psychological Association showed that surgeons playing computer games were 27% faster in their operations and made 37% fewer mistakes than their colleagues who did not take the game console into their hands.

At the same time, judging by everything, the developing logical abilities of the game help the brain grow old more slowly, because it occupies quite a difficult job. As for the simplest crossword puzzles, there is no unequivocal opinion.

3. Engage in power training

The process of losing muscle with age is one of the main disadvantages of aging. It is important that fat often comes to the place of lost muscles, because it is the preferred form of preserving energy and nutrition for the body.

How to Staying young tip be kind to yourself

At the same time, because the fat tissue is lighter than the muscle tissue, and one kilogram of fat takes about 18% more space than one kilogram of muscle, the aging person seems much more complete even with the same weight as in youth. It would help you to look younger naturally.

4. Eat well

To stay young, you need to eat high-calorie food, rich in minerals and vitamins. It is food that keep you young. The use of such food reduces the amount of food eaten, because the body gets everything you need from a small amount of food. This has a positive effect on the weight of a person, and also relieves stress from internal organs. Digestive and excretory systems are less loaded and are able to recover. Food should not be too cold and too hot. Also, with such nutrition, the organs that cleanse the blood are exposed to a lesser load. For example, the liver. Proper eating is one of the main ‘look younger secrets’.

5. Eat less sugar

Reduce the consumption of sugar. And it is better to refuse from it as much as possible, replacing chemical sugar with natural honey and dried fruits. Pancreas does not like sugar very much.

6. Avoid bad habits

Do not smoke. And also avoid places where people smoke. Especially bad smoking affects the skin. It becomes gray and wrinkled. In most smokers, aging of the skin occurs twice as fast as in other people.
Reduce the use of alcohol. Since the age of 50, the liver begins to age actively, so the load on it should be minimal. That one more secret to staying young, though pretty obvious.

How to Staying young tip work with your stress

7. Keep the brain in good shape

Before old age, a lot to read, learn new things. Muscles of the brain, like other muscles, need a constant load. Therefore, they should be regularly trained. For the same reason, give maximum load to the senses. To visit nature, visit theaters, museums, exhibitions. In addition, a direct connection between the state of spirituality and eternal youth has already been proven today. People who are all the time in a state of mental recovery, involuntarily program themselves to extend this state, as comfortable as possible. They live in a state that tomorrow will be even better than today. Accordingly, the body begins to work in the mode of maximum maintenance of normal life, that’s how to keep looking young for a long time.

8. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep, because a good dream affects your health and appearance. There are no bags under the eyes, a smile plays on the lips, eyes shine from the beginning of a new day, which can be more beautiful.

9. Look nice

Look after your body. Manicure, pedicure, face and hair masks, taking baths with medicinal herbs, milk. The body will repay you with beautiful skin, a healthy blush, a rested look, confidence.

10. Be positive

Be positive, smile. After all, a smile can disarm, discourage, beckon and fall in love. Let the smile go from the heart, so the impression will be greater.

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