5 simple ways of weaving trendy braid


Braids are back in fashion! And we offer you to learn how to change your image, creating new hairstyles each day!


“Waterfalls” braids (“French falls”)


In this weaving involved not all the hair, only the top strands. They turn into elegant bezel. Take the strand at the temple and begin to weave a normal “French braid” (“cone”), weaving in strands from the top and bottom releasing. Don’t forget to fix the result with hair spray. With “waterfall” braids your hair will become lighter and more voluminous, and the image is romantic and elegant.




The easiest way is to gather at the nape high ponytail, divide the hair into two strands, each of them spinning one way and then twist them together and secure the netting with a rubber band or barrette. So get strong, neat hairstyle. And if to do wiring without a tail, the way will be more easy and gentle. You can also make an unusual bundle of several flagella. In this case, you will need hairpins or Bobby pins.


“French braid vice versa”



You probably know the famous “French braid”, or “cone”, it is a beautiful weave-like braid, but more sophisticated and therefore interesting. In this case, spin the opposite way: thin strands on the right and left one after another intertwine with each other and not through the top. The braid itself turns out voluminous and looks like it’s weaved not from the top and up from the tips of the hair.

A little trick: braid to be wider and look more elaborate, pull thin strands from each round of netting. To reinforce the result, use hairspray.


“Fishtail” braid


“Fish tail” may look very feminine and elegant, and if you want — extravagant and shocking, as a creative mess.

The scheme is simple: divide the hair into two parts, each separate by thin strands and cross them. Then with the edge of each of the parties also take thin strands and re-crossed them in the center. So gradually, you gather all the hair and what you come up with, will resemble a fish tail. You can weave this braid at the crown or nape — like a simple braid. You can let the netting from the tail or grab them with the tips of the hair erecting on the back bouffant.

What would “fish tail” you braided — tight and austere or light and lush, use hairspray to the strands stay together. You also can fix the lacquer ends.


Weaving with ribbon

Among fashionistas is popular Lino Russo weaving. Ornate weave of the strands and graceful knots at the nape are often found on the heads of graduates, or brides: hairstyle looks chic and perfect for special occasions. But there are several features: it is very difficult to braid yourself, besides the strands slip out and poorly recorded.

We offer another option of weaving Lino Russo: the hairstyle is simple but looks luxurious and stylish.


Well comb your hair and apply mousse on it, strands during weaving will obediently adjacent to each other and will not disintegrate. And when the hair is ready, be sure to use hairspray.

So, for weaving you will need a scarf or ribbon. Wrap it the top section of hair, divide the hair into two parts and begin twisting them crosswise through the tape. This is similar to the process of lacing shoes, only each time you must weave new strands on the right and left, until loose curls. Then secure the hair at the base of the neck, tie a bow of ribbon or scarf or use accessories.

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