Things to Talk About On a First Date And Topics to Avoid

Going on the first date, it is important not only to pick the right outfit and apply skillfully make-up, but also to think out interesting topics for conversation. Or, at least, have a few topics in reserve, in case an awkward silence drags on for a long time.

There are also things not to say in a first date, in case you doesn’t want to spoil it.

First Date conversation topics

Brothers, sisters, friends, pets

Here it is, the safest and most interesting topic for a conversation on the first date with a guy. Do not have to walk around the bush to find out about the attitude to the partner’s people as much as possible. In the meantime, it is worth keeping away from such a slippery topic as parents and what they are doing. Discuss this is only if the partner himself started talking about them, and he was not pushed to it.

Work or study

It is worth looking at the truth: work and study play a very important role in everyday life, which means that such an interesting topic of conversation will sooner or later come of its own. So, if all the main and most interesting questions have been exhausted, we can recall the simplest phrases like: “How are things at work?” However, here one also needs to observe tactfulness, and first of all find out what profession the elect has before starting the lengthy discussion on the topic of his own dislike for dentists. Suddenly he will prove to be the dentist!

5 things not to say on a first date


In order to get to know each other better, it is necessary to discuss interests, which are the main life preferences and what a man does in his spare time. This interesting topic for conversation on the first date should be surely affected, as it will be possible to find out enough to understand if it is worth the next appointment.

Music, food, likes and dislikes

Those who spend their first date in a restaurant, it makes sense to talk about food preferences, about your favorite music. Also, good topics for discussion are sympathies and antipathies. Such issues are quite safe and represent the best, which can be talked about, as there is an opportunity to show interest, but not seem too intrusive. It is worth remembering that if the preferences are different, then this is not a reason to give up the second date and make hasty conclusions. In the end, you can try to listen to hard rock, and at last eat what you have been refusing all these years.

Future and travel

You can talk about the future without risking looking too curious or impetuous. This can be a very interesting topic for discussion. When questions about the future should be avoided such slippery topics as marriage and children, and it is better to focus on work. Each person has certain hopes, aspirations and dreams, and although some can not come true, talking about them is no less interesting. As for tourism and travel, this topic will help to learn a lot about a person.

5 things not to say on a first date

What did he want to become when he was a kid

This question always provokes laughter and jokes, and for a date this is the “it”. It’s always fun to remember childhood. Children are funny, because they have a good imagination. In addition, you will be able to learn more about the interlocutor, and the stories of his childhood will leave a pleasant impression in your idea of him.

Favorite quotes from movies

The guy with whom we have a date, a movie lover? Can he quote fragments from old Soviet films? If so, then the second date is guaranteed here. Best of all, if it turns out that you still have common favorite movies, then you can safely hint that there is a great movie in the cinema that you would gladly see.

You’ll cheat, of course, but you’ll get an invitation for a second date.

What not to talk about on a first date

Trouble with friends or family

In general, let’s leave the stories about friends and relatives for later. Especially, do not share the terrible relationship between your friend Natasha and her half-sister. This is superfluous information, we assure you. Just imagine yourself in his place. Would it be interesting and pleasant for you to listen?


Do not tell him how much you managed to earn last summer, or how much your parents earn. The golden rule of a successful first date – money is not a topic for discussion at such meetings.

Your psychological problems

We are both hands for not having to keep it to ourselves. With psychological problems you have to work, but the first date is certainly not suitable for this. It will be easier and more comfortable for you to tell him about your problems after you get to know each other better, become closer.

5 things not to say on a first date

Provocative questions

Politics, history, recent ambiguous events in your country and so on. Never talk about it on the first date. First you should get to know your interlocutor better. Otherwise, your first date has every chance to develop into a quarrel, if your opinions suddenly do not match.

Your ex

No no and one more time no. And we are not at all interested in the fact that you just experienced a heavy break, or today is the very day you two broke up two years ago. On the first date your ex should not be. This is not discussed. Otherwise, he might think that you still have something to do with that same guy.


Of course, you should talk about this. But not on the first date. Because not everyone can freely discuss this topic! You do not want him to feel uncomfortable. Postpone this conversation until the time when you think about the next step.

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