To tan lasted longer, use our advice. The reports have been submitted, the annual plans are closed, the cherished ticket is already in hand, so it’s time to go on vacation to the southern shores. Buy bright swimwear, beautiful dresses, fashion straw hat, don’t forget to prepare for the sun baths. This is important to do before departure, to lead to the island’s main proof of a good rest — a beautiful and smooth tan.

Take vitamin complexes

There are special vitamin complexes that stimulate the production of melanin responsible for sunburn. Especially to lean on them, it is recommended to owners of an aristocratic pallor, that is, those who have the first and second skin phototype. At these beauties melanin, unfortunately, is developed sluggishly and not too well copes with the duties.

It almost does not protect the skin from the sun, on the contrary, opens the way to free radicals that cause premature aging.

If you do not stick to a tan, you burn all the time, then two weeks before the holiday start taking complexes rich in vitamins E, C, selenium. Can replace them with ONS, then to charge them is at least a month before departure to warmer climes. To reduce the sensitivity of the skin to the sun, add products with omega-3 fatty acids to the menu.

Make peeling

Peeling allows to remove dead skin scales from the skin surface. If you do not do this procedure before departure, when you return, you will not brag about the tan for long. It will clear up with particles of dead skin at the second or third wash.

Just choose mandelic peels not acid one . The fact that the acid enhances the effects of sunlight on the skin and contribute to the appearance of age spots. For the same reasons, it is better not to do laser procedures, use means with retinol before departure.

Take sunbathing competently

In the first days of stay under the southern sun melanocytes (produce melanin, responsible for the tan) slightly inhibited. To enter the working rhythm, they need time. Therefore in the first days it is not necessary to be fried actively under the sun. Go into the shade, tan here lies no worse, because the sun’s rays are reflected from the surface of the sand.

The sleepy heads take note: you can sunbathe in the morning until 12 noon, then the sun becomes merciless and very active. Therefore, going to the beach at noon or spending the whole day with the company is not the best idea. After such sunbathing, even under the protection of SPF, you can get allergies, pigmentation. You can go ashore for the second time only after 16.00, when solar activity falls.

Use tools with SPF

The first time, use products with an SPF of at least 30-50. It is not necessary to renounce the sunscreens if you’ve already got a tan. Tan does not protect the skin cells from premature aging, and these means — quite. If you have turned into a chocolate bar, just select a sunscreen with a low SPF number, such as 15-20.

Snow white with light eyes and hair are not affected. The owner of an aristocratic pallor needs during the entire vacation to use maximum protection SPF 50+.

Take care of the skin after the beach

Sun rays pull moisture from the skin, it becomes dry. If you do not drink during sunbathing you will quickly lose the acquired tan. Therefore, immediately after the beach, take a shower and be sure to apply a moisturizer to the skin. It restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin, quenches thirst in full. On the beach or while walking around the city, use thermal water, it additionally nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Eat products that stimulate the tan

Don’t use on the beach suntan boosters. Chocolate with them once you just do not become, but you can get a burn or Allergy, as these tools act as photosensitizers. It is better to eat products that are natural suntan amplifiers. They contain beta-carotene (stimulates melanin production). His very many in carrot (better to drink carrot juice), pumpkin, watermelon, apricots, melon, red pepper, pears and apples.

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