6 secrets of perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows-this is the main component of all makeup. Without beautifully painted eyebrows, no makeup will be successful. Absolutely all the girls need to know these few secrets in order to always be on top.

Recipe on all times

At the moment in fashion, bushy eyebrows, but once girls has made them very thin, and now they want them to grow. You need to buy castor oil and smear their eyebrows every day. Of course, it will take a tremendous amount of patience, they will grow back three months. And during that time in any case no need to pluck them. Eyebrows really affect the appearance of any person.


The widespread belief that the color of the eyebrows should match the color of the hair roots – classics. But today, many makeup artists claim that this rule is outdated. Blondes and girls with blonde hair need to pick up a pencil two shades darker than their roots, brunettes and brown – haired women-two tones lighter. Red girls need the tone that the brightness is same as their hair, but brown. The main thing to avoid in the eyebrows with a reddish hue, which will give that eyebrow makeup. And only girls with bright colored hair can experiment with the color of the eyebrows.


You need to practice constantly in painting eyebrows. Watch a video about how to paint them. Consult with friends and family about what shape and color is better. Go to a consultation with makeup artists to learn how to do it right.


Even if now the fashion for thick eyebrows, it does not mean that they do not need to adjust. After all, there is a big difference between a wide and well-groomed eyebrows. Excess hairs all come out in places such as the nose, too close to the eye and too high above the eyebrow. Before plucking eyebrows and after correction it is necessary to disinfect tweezers. After all, if the tweezers are dirty – there is a fear of infection in the body. To avoid plucking too much, you need to allocate your eyebrow corrective pencil. They need to draw at the bottom under the eyebrow, above the eyebrow and at the base. This way you can isolate the part of the eyebrow, which then will need to paint. And all the hairs that will be in place of the pencil should be plucked. Hair need to pull almost straight at the base, calm, but also quick movement.  If the hairs are too long, you will need a haircut eyebrows.


Means for eyebrow makeup there are many, but all of them immediately do not need to use. There are pencils, shadows, mascara, Fudge, gels and transparent gels. You need to try them all in turn, and then choose one best option.

Not forget about eyebrows

Makeup artists claim that no makeup will be attractive and harmonious without painted and well-groomed eyebrows. They need all the time to make sure that they look attractive. You can even paint only the eyebrows, and then the face will be much more noticeable. Then all the makeup, and the image as a whole, will look amazing.

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