12 Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is not only an important component of human life, but also the best beauty procedure and all possible.
Regular eight-hour sleep can make you younger for several years and provide a good mood. How to improve sleep quality then? Here are some useful tips for a good night sleep.

1.Provide a Proper Duration of Sleep

Many believe that spending a third of life in a dream is too much, so they cut back on the sleep time, disrupting the life cycle. It has long been noted that long-livers sleep a lot: the amount of time spent in a dream, their body compensates for a long healthy wakefulness. It is proved that the lack of sleep worsens the blood circulation, so you can only dream of a healthy blush and a beautiful face color. In addition, the rhythm of life is directly related to the work of the hormonal system. Serotonin, cortisol and melatonin are the main hormones that control wakefulness and sleep. “The level of cortisol rises in the morning and thus prepares the body and brain for daytime activity. In parallel, the melatonin level is declining, which is why drowsiness disappears. In the evening, the hormone cortisol reaches a minimum level, and melatonin – the maximum, signaling us that it’s time to go to bed.

2. Prepare yourself

Relieve the physical and mental fatigue before going to bed will help relaxing procedures, namely taking a hot bath – that’s one of the healthy sleep habits, which has the following benefits (just 10-15 min):

  • calm the nervous system;
  • Purify the skin of contaminants and toxins;
  • improve blood circulation.
  • It is also beneficial to sleep affected by the color range of the bedroom, the choice of which depends on
    what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

3. Decorate your bedroom

So, to visually increase the space should be given preference to white, yellow or orange shades.

To the bedroom was warm and cozy, decorate it in brown or cream color.

If the bedroom is for you only a place to rest and relax, then choose a blue-blue color that helps to
relieve stress and fatigue.

But to bring romance and passion into the relationship will help red, violet and pink colors.

4. Keep comfortable temperature

The most optimal and comfortable temperature for sleep is 18 – 20 degrees. It is important that the room is dark, so the curtains in the bedroom should be dense for maximum protection against any light.

Finally, for a sound sleep, fresh air is needed, so daily it is recommended to ventilate the sleeping room.

5. Use alarm clock the right way

It is important not only to get an alarm clock, but also to use it correctly.

It is recommended to deploy the alarm clock so that you do not see the display with time. This will help to exclude the possibility of programming your consciousness for lack of sleep.

Simply put, do not see the time – do not concentrate your attention on how much more to sleep you have left.

6. Breathe deeply

It is deep breathing that signals the body that it is time to relax.

On inspiration, imagine how oxygen enters your lungs and slowly travels throughout your body, cleaning each

On exhalation imagine that all toxins and harmful substances leave your body, as a result of which it is

It is enough to concentrate on a measured and calm breathing to feel the relaxation. Such breathing
exercises must be done regularly to achieve the maximum relaxing effect.

7. Switch attention

If you could not sleep for half an hour in bed, then doctors who specialize in sleep disorders recommend
getting out of bed and doing some quiet business that brings pleasure.

You can read a book, listen to relaxing music or enjoy a light snack.

8. Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine in any form. Caffeine is found in coffee; tea (although in some grades of tea it is not
enough, and these types of tea can be harmless or even useful for insomnia); in Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and
other drinks with the word “Cola” in the title; in tonic drinks, in particular, in Red Bull (which, besides
coffee, contains other powerful stimulants and is therefore categorically contraindicated for insomnia); in
chocolate and many sweets; in Guarana; in many medications. Cocoa does not contain caffeine, but contains
another stimulant, theobromine.

9. Keep medications in mind

If you are prescribed medications, do not take them before bedtime (except for sedatives). Medications can
also cause insomnia.

10. Eating and drinking rules

You can drink before a glass of hot (but not boiled) milk with a spoon of honey. Useful are light herbal
preparations, such as Persen and sonar.

Dinner is desirable no later than three hours before bedtime. But you can not go to bed hungry. In the
evening, dairy and vegetable dishes without sharp seasonings are acceptable.

11. Have comfortable bed

For a good night’s rest, it is very important to have a comfortable bed. The mattress should be moderately
soft, even, in no case deflecting (it forms painful changes in the spine).

Use for sleeping only a spacious, comfortable clothing that does not press, preferably from natural fibers.

12. Keep the mind empty

Think, maybe you are not allowed to fall asleep because of thoughts? In such cases, self-training is very
effective. Or write down on paper everything that disturbs you. It is also useful to write down the plan for
tomorrow. If you can not disconnect yourself from everyday worries, try to read something easy before going
to bed that does not require deep thought.

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