7 secrets of perfect skin

Ideal skin is considered to be one that does not have external problems: rashes and irregularities. And at the same time-this is the skin that does not require a bunch of decorative cosmetics.

Drink water

For human skin water is an extremely important substance. Water is a great way to get all the slags out of the body. The more it is consumed, the better. The skin becomes firmer and tighter. Therefore, it is necessary to have a bottle of water in your bag. If you desire to drink plain water no, you can be added a slice of lemon or a little lemon juice. And the whole day to keep the water to yourself, not to forget to drink it.

Do not wash your face with tap water

The water that flows from the tap is not intended to be used for drinking, washing face or brushing teeth. It contains a large amount of impurities, salts that it dries the skin. Water does not moisturize the skin, causing the skin to look very bad and age faster. Wash your face is special gels for washing or micellar water to the skin is nourished with nutrients.

Linseed oil

This product should be included in your daily diet. It should be consumed on an empty stomach, one tablespoon every morning. This oil is very useful not only for internal organs, but also for the skin. To begin with, you can take this course for two weeks, and if not suitable – refuse.

Read the composition of cosmetic products

Before you buy it is necessary to read the composition of a cosmetic product to understand whether it suits the skin type. Not only can it not help, it can still make it worse if it is wrongly chosen. You can consult with consultants in the store, so they picked the right cosmetics.


Every day you should be sure to take care of your skin. Even if the day is full of activities and work, 5 minutes a day in the morning and evening should be given to protect the skin. This protection should take place in three stages: cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. The first – cleansing gel or micellar water, the second-toning lotion, the third-moisturizing cream. This should be done in any case, even if the day is not used decorative cosmetics.

A break from make-up

Once a week is to highlight the day when it is possible not to use makeup. In this time make-up on personified by should not be at all, only useful masks and scrubs. After all, under the makeup of closed pores, in this case, the skin does not get useful elements, and this can lead to clogging and poor condition of the face. Therefore, the skin needs to rest and breathe. This is in case the use of cosmetics is necessary in the style or situation of daily activities. And if you can do without it – it will be only a plus for a healthy skin. Moreover, minimalism is now at the peak of popularity.

The right make-up

When using all the above points, the skin will sparkle with health. But in cases of unexpected redness or acne before an important event – without cosmetics can not do.

Before applying makeup is to apply a primer. It will be a kind of barrier between the face and cosmetics, which will practically not affect the skin. Next, apply the colored concealers. Purple concealer will hide bruises, green will eliminate redness, orange will hide circles under the eyes. On top of all this, it is necessary to put a bodily concealer on the T-zone and the zone under the eyes. Next, you need to fix all these layers with the main tone. It is necessary to do it by foundation and powder. Then there is the contouring: it is necessary to highlight the cheekbones and top of forehead. Then apply blush on the cheeks. And in the end to use a highlighter on those areas where you need to give luster. It will give vitality and brightness to the face.

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