How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly

Some girls go for a manicure to the salon, not because they are too lazy to do this simple procedure at home, but because of inability to properly paint nails. Flowing down the edges of the lacquer, stained fingers, bubbles and uneven coating — all these problems can be avoided if you know a few secrets. Let’s see how to paint your nails like a pro.

How to put nail polish

How to paint nails neatly

For an ideal manicure it’s not enough just to make up your nails. It is important to prepare them right first: to process the cuticles and lateral ridges, to straighten all the marigolds under one length and only then to take as a base, a varnish and a fixer.

How to apply decorative coating

How to make nails beautiful, to admire them? Believe me, this can really be achieved without even visiting the salon. Let’s look at the process in stages:

Stage 1. Apply the basic coating

Neglect the transparent base is not worth it, because it not only makes the surface of the nail evenly, but also protects it from aggressive lacquer components. As a base, you can use a clear varnish or a reinforcing series.

Step 2. Apply color coating

Before opening a bottle of varnish, prepare everything that may be needed in the process:

  • cotton buds;
  • cotton wheels;
  • nail polish remover.

Then start applying the first layer. In fact, not every girl knows how to paint nails by all the rules. Therefore, we will try to explain everything in as much detail as possible.

To paint, start from the middle of the nail, a little away from the cuticle, to the tip of one rapid movement. Then make a few strokes around the edges to evenly color the entire nail plate, as shown in the picture.

The second layer of varnish allows you to correct the errors of the first and truly conveys the entire saturation of the hue.

The second color layer must be applied when the first one completely dries. Limit one layer is possible only if the consistency of the varnish is very thick.

Stage 3. We apply top coating

This stage is not at all obligatory. The protective layer, of course, has several advantages, but not everyone likes it. In fact, it is already 3-4 layers in the account, and waiting for the complete drying of the previous layers is a lot of patience and a lot of time. However, the advantages of a protective coating include glossy shine and an increase in the lifespan of a manicure.

Nail painting tips

Apply vaseline to fingers

To nail polish did not spread beyond the nail plate, lubricate the skin around the nail with vaseline — the excess nail polish on a fat basis will dry, and will be removed by cloth! It is important not to get vaseline in the nail and carefully degrease with alcohol solution and a cotton swab.

7 tips for those who do not know how to paint nails


Use a white base

A brilliant life hack for those who can not uniformly apply the varnish and paint over the nail at the edges. Just first apply a base layer of white color — on this background it will be easier to see all unchanged plots.

Warm the bottle of varnish between your palms

Do you know why at the time of applying varnish there are small air bubbles? Bet your struggling was shaking a jar instead of warm and carefully rub it between the palms.

Do french manicure using simple elastic bands


Start painting from the middle of the nail

When you start to paint nails, do not try immediately to get the brush close to the cuticle: the excess varnish will drain immediately, and all you’ll get is a stain on the skin. First, place a dot in the middle of the nail, “stretch” that drop towards the cuticle to cover the base, and then go down to the tips.

Make a “moon” manicure by using a stencil

Topical for several seasons “moon” manicure you can do yourself, using a stencil in the form of circles. Stick them on your finger to close the cuticle area, and just paint your nails as usual. Ready!

Buy special stick for removing nail polish


Do french manicure using simple elastic bands

To do a French manicure for those who are not friends with polish and a brush, will help ordinary pencil eraser — secure it around your finger so that it was possible to paint over the tip of the nail without touching the nail plate. Believe me, it is much easier than a stencil or a futile attempt to draw the French flick of the wrist.

Buy special stick for removing nail polish

If you have followed our advice, but still are unable to apply the coating smoothly, don’t worry! Especially for people like you and many of us invented polish remover sticks — making use of them many times better than regular q-tips. Most important, cover the entire nail plate evenly, and with the surplus you will cope.

Apply vaseline to fingers

A few more tips:

  • Before you learn how to paint your own nails, make sure that the lacquer is quality and not old. Before use, warm the vial in your hands and shake it.
  • Begin to paint your nails with little fingers. If you move in the opposite direction, you can accidentally touch a fresh coating on the other fingers.
  • To make your nails at home not only correct, but also beautiful, use our recommendation. Applying the coating, on the sides leave the edges of the nails unpainted. This little trick will help you visually make the tips longer.
  • For short nails, it is better to use a varnish with a liquid consistency. It will be easier for you to apply it. Thickened lacquer can be diluted with a special remedy, but remember that after that it will quickly come to an unfit state.
  • Before dyeing each of the nails, re-immerse the brush in a vial. If suddenly the varnish was not enough, immerse it in the vial again. Nevertheless, you should not allow surplus, as it is not possible to beautifully make up nails in this case.
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