10 Tips On How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

This question worries many women who try to look after their nails themselves.

Unfortunately, very often it turns out that the lacquer cleaves up after 3 days after application. how to prevent nail polish from chipping and how to make your nail polish last longer? We will talk about this in this article.

1) Allow the varnish to dry

To lacquer lasted on the nails of the notorious seven days, after its application, do not rush to do business right away. Allow the varnish to dry thoroughly. To accelerate this process, specialists in manicure advise to apply a thin layer of varnish, and after a few minutes after that, put your fingers in cold water: the varnish will harden faster and will better mesh with the nail plate.

2) Look after the cuticle

Caring oil for the cuticle is capable of much. It not only softens the cuticle, but also makes the nails themselves more elastic, which prevents chipped lacquer. Moreover, this remedy, like any other oil, repels moisture – the main enemy of manicure!

Keep the top with transparent coating

3) Do not grow too long nails

Long nails with a fashionable manicure look really impressive. However, it’s one thing when we see them on the covers of magazines, and the other in real life. Very long nails easily break, and the varnish is damaged. More convenient in everyday life are short nails, the length of which will not exceed 5-6 mm. The varnish on such nails will last longer and this is how to keep nail polish from chipping.

4) Do not apply lacquer on wet nails

Manicure at home usually begins with a bath, which is good to steam and soften the cuticle, and is also useful in the presence of coarsened skin. After the tray and the processing of the cuticle, the process of applying the lacquer begins. However, not all women consider that the nails after the bath should dry well, moreover, using a towel or napkin for this is not enough.

In a warm bath, the nails are soaked, when drying, they contract, and if at that moment the lacquer is applied, the coating can crack. Therefore, after steaming, blot hands, wait 10-15 minutes, so that the nails are well dried, then you can apply the varnish. This is how to make nail polish last longer.

Do not use quick-drying polishes

5) Use a high-quality varnish

High-quality varnish – a pledge of a persistent beautiful manicure. Before buying, check how the varnish is formed: if too quickly – for one or two seconds – the watery lacquer will lie down in strips; if more than three to four seconds – thickened, and even cover with it do not wait.

If the lacquer is thickened, do not thin it with lacquer liquid: the concentration of solvents is too high in it, so the coating will not last long.

6) Use the finish coat

After applying the varnish, be sure to use the top coat. It will protect the manicure from chips and make the nail polish even more saturated with glossy or matte – depending on the effect of the top coat.

Apply the top every two days – so you essentially postpone the next trip to the nail salon. By the way, the most effective are usual, not fast-drying formulas, which, unlike the latter, lie on the nail plate with a fairly dense layer.

7) Do not apply a thick coat.

This applies especially to translucent varnishes and varnishes with sparkles. Translucent varnishes of a certain shade are often applied boldly, in several layers to achieve the desired color, as in a vial, but is it not easier to buy immediately a bright dense color, rather than torture your nails with a lot of chemistry? With sequins the same problem – from the desire to apply a lot of sparkles the girls try to scoop a lot of varnish on the brush, but all the same the basis is obtained more than the necessary particles.

Degrease the nail plate

8) Do not apply the lacquer close to the cuticle.

Beginners try to paint over the entire nail, almost climbing on the skin of your fingers, but this is not necessary. When you apply the nail very close to the cuticle, you, on the contrary, reduce the design toe, because the skin is a completely different material, and, naturally, the varnish will fall off faster and then from the nail. Leave between varnish and cuticle 1-3 millimeters. So it will be more convenient to paint, and flaws, if they are at the first color coating, can be smoothened by the second application of lacquer.

9) When you wash dishes – always wear gloves to protect your manicure. The quickest way to ruin a manicure is to expose it to hot water and chemicals.

10) Update the manicure

If the varnish has broken off at the tip of the nail, or the nail has grown, there are several ways to update the manicure. To hide the chipped lacquer, moisten the cotton swab in the liquid to remove the varnish and gently work the cleavage site to smooth the edges. Wait for the nail to dry, apply a thin layer of new coating – so it will lie evenly.

In order to hide the overgrown manicure, you can gently nail the nails and cover them with a layer of the finish coat, or make a French manicure – cover the tips with a different color of varnish to create the impression of a new design.

7 tips to save manicure for a long time that really work

Finally, the most important thing: do not forget to moisturize the skin of your hands and cuticles daily, since a beautiful manicure is not only a fashionable nail design, but also well-groomed hands and skin around the nails. Every few days, apply a top coat to give nails with a design beautiful shine and extend the durability of manicure.

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