Everything has its time and place, and make-up in this case too is no exception to the rule. Make-up, which will seem appropriate for the evening out, the day will look vulgar and provocative. Therefore, it is important for every girl to know how to apply day makeup and what are its main features.

Features and rules of day make-up

Day make-up is a daily kind of make-up that is suitable for going to work, school, shopping or some other ordinary activities. Its main distinctive features are moderation in colors, naturalness and lightness.

Proper day make-up is also completely easily to be transformed into an evening, because not always after work there is time to re-apply cosmetics to go “see the light of day”.

Let’s highlight a few important rules about how to make a day’s makeup. By observing these key points, you will feel confident and comfortable:

  1. the foundation of such a make-up for every day is the naturalness and accentuation of natural beauty. A wonderful option of the day image is a makeup Nude;
  2. secret weapon when creating a beautiful day make-up-it is the perfect well-groomed skin. So do not forget about the day cream, as well as Pro concealer, Foundation and powder, which should be selected by type and tone of your skin;
  3. try to carefully shade all transitions and borders of flowers;
  4. day eye makeup is performed muted shades as close to the natural tones of the face: beige, sand, peach, gray, milk, soft pink, light brown;
  5. lips can be emphasized by a translucent gloss or pale lipstick and natural hues. Alternatively, you can use a bright lipstick in combination with a neutral eye makeup;
  6. eyebrows give the face expressiveness, so they can be slightly emphasized in the shade of the hair color or your favorite tool for eyebrows;
  7. the focus is on one thing – or eyes or lips;
  8. when creating a casual look, try to use natural light, for example, by the window. This way you can track the saturation of the selected shades. The light should fall on your face evenly.

How to choose a day make-up for eye color and hair

If you are in doubt about what color palette to choose in your version of everyday makeup, try to push away from the color of your eyes:

  • for brown eyes preferred shades beige-brown, lilac, gray, peach, khaki;daily make-up for green eyes involves the use of peach, pale chocolate, bronze, beige, copper tones;
  • owners of blue eyes should look at the white, pink, peach and all shades of gray shadows for day makeup;
  • if shade of your eyes gray, everyday shades of your make-up are as follows: beige, cream, milk, sand, gray.

Hair color can also serve as a starting point in choosing a color palette for day makeup:

  • brunettes suit beige, pink, white, plum tones and shades of champagne;
  • for blondes interesting option would be a make-up pale pink, light beige, dairy, grey and walnut colors;
  • daily makeup for brown-haired women will be harmonious if you choose copper, bronze, light peach, olive tones;
  • for fair-haired girls it is better to stay on white, bronze, pink, lilac colors;red-haired young ladies can afford gray, brown, apricot shades.

Step by step lessons of day make-up
We have prepared for you a step-by-step guide to various options of day make-up. So even for beginners it will not be difficult to make day eye and lip makeup using these lessons.

Casual smoky eyes

Don’t be surprised, but Smokey eyes quite can be worn during the day, though the shades in this make-up are not the usual black, and suitable for everyday wear. Also, this makeup is a great solution for owners of the overhanging century. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to apply a light day makeup technique smoky eyes:

  1. Apply day cream on your face and let it soak in.
  2. Use the primer for makeup – it will align the skin and prolong the life of your make-up.
  3. Use concealer in problem areas.
  4. Create a smooth skin tone with a Foundation, correct the area under the eyes with a special concealer, fix loose powder.
  5. On the entire mobile eyelid and the line of growth of the lower eyelashes, apply a base under shadows.
    Line the top lash emphasize a soft pencil chocolate color, and then blend in with a brush up to create the haze effect.
  6. Do the same with the lower eyelid.
  7. Pat your hands over the pencil in the upper and lower eyelids with gray-brown shadows.
  8. Gently milk the shadows apply on podpolnuyu area.
  9. Gently blend all transitions of colors, this is the most important thing in Smoky eyes make-up.
  10. Decorate your eyebrows with your favorite tool.
  11. Apply mascara to eyelashes
  12. Lightly touch the apples of the cheeks with peach blush.
  13. Cover your lips with a clear gloss.

If desired, such a bow can easily be turned into an evening: just add black arrows and use more bright shades of lip cover!

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