Best eating for amazing skin and hair

Having great skin is one of the most important parts of looking great. We all want to look our best, and often, looking our best means feeling our best as well. So it’s win/win. We get healthier and look better at the same time.

Now, the best way to get better skin is to control your diet. This article will tell you how to avoid foods for amazing skin, as well as give you a list of the best foods for amazing skin. So if knowing the top foods for amazing skin is important to you, read on at your leisure!

A comprehensive list of food names

Here is our list for the best foods for amazing skin. Firstly, we’ll start with what to avoid, then we’ll tell you what to replace it with.

Best eating for amazing skin and hair

Foods To Avoid

Firstly, and unfortunately, you’ll want to avoid foods with too much sugar in. This means that the cakes and cookies will have to be cut down, if not avoided entirely.
Sodas are terrible for your skin, because the amount of sugar you have will act as a diuretic – your body will want to get rid of it as soon as possible. This leads to dehydration, which leads to dry skin and wrinkles.

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Then, you’ll want to remove processed foods – which do the same as the sugary stuff, only salt is the culprit this time. Potato chips, ready meals and takeout foods are prime offenders for this. Again, your body dries out, your skin dries out.

Thirdly, you’ll probably want to get rid of dairy. For some people, this is not an issue, but a vast majority of people will tend to find that dairy causes their skin to break out – if not into acne, then into some form of redness. Cutting down on dairy can help tremendously.

Best eating for amazing skin and hair

Foods To Definitely Have In Your Diet

We know that after eliminating your foods from the above list, you’ll be hungry. And probably craving a sugar fix. So the first thing we want to replace is the horrible, processed sweet stuff that you’ve been eating.

For an alternative to cakes and cookies, you’ll want to eat lovely sweet fruits. Citric fruits with their vitamins are great to eat – as are berries of all kinds; strawberries, raspberries and cherries are particularly effective.

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To extend this, you’ll want to have fresh fruit juice and herbal teas to replace the soda and coffee. Green tea is great for your health, and its anti-aging properties will have you skin looking great for decades to come. Fruit juice can replace soda, and after a few days, you’ll prefer the natural sweetness to the aspartame that’s in commercial sodas.

Best eating for amazing skin and hair

You’ll want to replace processed, ready meals and snacks. Try and replace this with vegetables and organic meat. Try and live a traditional lifestyle and diet, and you’ll find that most skin problems are no longer an issue. If meat and vegetables are your staple foods, then you will find your skin will be healthier than ever.

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