Best summer makeup and beauty tips

Who does not like to looks beautiful whole year specially in summer when we have lot of outdoor activities to do. But sadly due to sweating and heat the makeup does not last longer and also affect your skin. But don’t worry because if you are looking for summer makeup and beauty secrets then you have landed to the right page.

Today aim going to share with you summer beauty tips which is basically about soft summer makeup which can be carry in any outdoor or indoor activities whether you have plan to go beach with your friends or lunch this summer makeup and beauty secrets will helps you to look more beautiful this summer.

Use Primer: The first step is going to be use a primer. The primer not only is it going to help smooth out the skin, fill in any pores, but it’s going to give the makeup something to stick to. Apply this in the same way that you would a moisturizer. Dab it into the skin. That’s really going to get it to just melt in. And put this in T-zone, because it is the most oily part of face.

best summer makeup and beauty tips

Apply foundation: Take sponge and blend foundation into the skin, not going for a ton of coverage. And you also want to remember, in the summertime, less is more. It’s all about really taking care and nurturing that skin and allowing it to breathe.

Conceal under eye: Take concealer, just apply it straight on. You can either use your fingers to blend, which is probably preferred method, or you can use your sponge. It’s really up to you. Concealer under brighten the overall appearance of the face and give a more youthful glow.

Powder your skin: Powder is very important, because this is also going to help control shine. Prefer to use large power brush because its cover more area at a time and it’s going to give a light airbrush coverage, versus trying to pack on a ton of product at once. Just very lightly tap that into the skin.

best summer makeup and beauty tips

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Apply Bronzer: Start applying that around the perimeters of you face. Basically this is just going to warm up the skin and give it a nice healthy glow.

Time to Blush: Remembered that our aim is to have soft summer makeup, go with light blush specially for day time make up. Simply apply blush on your cheeks and gently take it to the cheekbone. Adding a blush in summer is going to be a great way to warm up the skin specially those of you who are going to be tanning. Select a shade that little bit more natural. So during the daytime when you’re out in the sun, it won’t look too harsh up against your skin.

best summer makeup and beauty tips

Eye summer makeup: Go for something simple but bronzy. just apply straight onto the lid with the help of your finger. Try to keep shadow to a minimum. You can still look like you put a ton of work into your eyes, when if it’s just one color, by sticking with something bronzy. Then take more of golden shade in the center, just because it just brightens the eyes and draws attention to them and it also makes them look a little bit larger. Take a little bit of a blending brush and make sure it’s blended out around the crease area. Then take another eyeshade quad, go with teal color. For a nice pop of color, apply that along your bottom lash line.

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best summer makeup and beauty tips

For mascara go with waterproof mascara which is going to be very, very important for the summer. Especially those of you that have problems with smudgy eyes and runny eyes, this is going to be the solution to all your problems.

Lips: For lipstick color, go with something funky color like pinky coral because it’s going to be great for summer and don’t forget to apply lip balm at the end.

best summer makeup and beauty tips

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