Best ways to remove sturdy mascara easily and naturally

It’s pretty difficult to remove mascara from lashes, especially without spending loads of money on various ointments and “magic technology” cosmetic products. They’re expensive, and they’re no good if you need to know how to remove sturdy mascara for sensitive eyes, or if you’re allergic or something.

You might have come to this article wanting to know how to remove sturdy mascara tips, or tricks, or just a general methodology for doing so.

Most importantly, you’re going to want to know how to remove mascara safely. That means no damage to your eyes. It means learning how to remove mascara without damaging eyelashes.
Whatever your reason for coming here, we’re going to help you remove mascara, trouble free!

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How to remove mascara without makeup remover

We’ve all been there. It’s after a hard night out on the town, and you’ve crashed at your friend’s place. Or, you’ve had a date that has gone badly, and you’re crying it off in the bar’s bathroom. Whatever the reason, the last thing you want to think about is whether you’ve packed make-up removal stuff or not.

remove mascara from lashes

Luckily, you can get rid of mascara without any cosmetic products. This is how:
Firstly, do not use your nails to scrape off mascara. Your eyelashes will disappear if you do that one too many times. Instead, use one of our methods.
Get some cotton wool balls. Apply baby oil to them, and use that to rub off the mascara. It’ll come away cleanly.
Or, you can use baby wipes – sure, you won’t look photoshoot ready, but these are a life saver, because they can go in your bag and you can take them anywhere you go. They’re also handy for other uses!

How to remove mascara with coconut oil

For make-up removal, coconut oil is basically a secret weapon. This doesn’t work just for mascara. If you rub the coconut oil in over your face and then use a slightly dampened tissue or wet-wipe, the coconut will make your make-up magically peel off. Better yet, it’ll leave soft skin underneath, and you’ll look fresh afterwards, as opposed to haggard and tired.
To use it to remove mascara, we want to be a little more careful. We don’t want any coconut oil in our eyes. So use a cotton wool ball and gently dab the eyes until they are free from mascara.

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how to remove sturdy mascara tips

How to remove mascara waterproof

Mascara has waterproof properties. It has to – otherwise it wouldn’t do very well near your eyes. So when you use baby wipes, or god forbid, your nails to remove mascara, it doesn’t tend to come off. Those same waterproof properties make it cling to you and stop you from getting it off. That’s why it’s best to use oils. Coconut oil is perfect, like a secret weapon, but if you don’t have any to hand, baby oil, olive oil and lavender oil are all good. Just be very careful about not getting any in your eyes. It’s certainly not pleasant. Remember to apply them to a cotton wool ball before you dab them on your eye!

how to remove mascara without damaging eyelashes

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