How to choose the right frame for glasses

To once and for all solve the problem with the selection of glasses, both for vision and sun protection, you need to understand only three features of your appearance. What?

Determine the shape of face

The first thing you need to consider when choosing frames, the shape of face. There are six of them: round, oval, heart-shaped, triangular, square and rectangular. Let`s us understand the features.

So, you have a round face if the length and width are almost the same, the chin is not particularly distinguished, and face contour is smooth and rounded. Glasses should work as a proper makeup or clothing and simulate the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the ideal. In your case, the main task — to visually lengthen the face. For this purpose it is necessary, first, to choose eyeglass frames dark color, and secondly, to avoid the rounded forms and narrow frames. It is better if the width of eyeglass frame would be more than height. And remember-no oversize! The frame should not cover the eyebrows if you have a round face.

Your options are:
  • Square glasses
  • «Aviators»
  • «Harlequin glasses»
  • Glasses with narrow bridge of nose
  • “The Wayfarer»

More harmonious shape of face is considered to be oval. In this case, the length of face slightly greater than the width, cheekbones, though very conspicuous, but noticeable and the chin is rounded. In order not to break the proportions, it is necessary to avoid too massive sunglasses. The upper part of the frames should match the line of the eyebrows, so a narrow choice of models and options with eye-catching angles is also not desirable.

Suitable option:
  • Oval or round frames
  • «Aviators»
  • «Harlequin glasses»

If you have a wide, angular chin and cheekbones and jaw the same width — you have a square face. In this case, the most important thing is not to overload it with sharp and massive forms. Your goal is the softening and rounding. Forget about glasses that are wider than your face, but at the same time you can buy bright colored or even barely noticeable frame.

Suit you:
  • Glasses-droplets
  • Rimless glasses
  • «Harlequin glasses»
  • «Aviators»
  • Large glasses that don`t go beyond the face.

For a rectangular shape of face, the rules are almost the same as for a square shape. One only has to consider that the length of the face is longer than it is wide, and therefore, the goal is to visually expand the face. From the list for the “square” face remove the bright frames and add round.

If your face narrows to the temples, and the cheekbones and chin narrow — you have a triangular face. In this case, you need to choose glasses with a large frame and a wide top, but the bottom of the frame should not be sharp or clearly delineated.

Suit you:
  • «Aviators»
  • «Harlequin glasses»
  • Small round sunglasses
  • Glasses-halves

Analyse your seasonal colour

In addition to the shape of the frame, no less important role is played by its color. It is best to select it according to your complexion. So, for people with color type “spring” is more suitable frames and glass in this palette: beige, purple, gold, it is possible to use bright red, dark beige. Importantly, the tone was dominated by warm pigments.

Don`t deviate from the style

As you know, glasses, especially sunglasses, are part of the group of accessories, which means that their selection should depend on your style. For example, too fashionable frames in the style of Sci-Fi is unlikely to be appropriate if you prefer to dress according to the office dress code, but fashionistas are unlikely to taste boring glasses-halves. If you can afford accessories or a combination of different colors or prints — feel free to pick up these glasses. And if you dress in the sport style, stop the choice on a classic “Wayfarer”.

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