How to create the illusion of general cleaning spending only 15 minutes

Guests are practically on the doorstep, and you have absolutely no strength and desires to wave a rag?Don`t despair! We have collected a few useful life hacks that will help you create the illusion of perfect order and appear in the eyes of others exemplary hostess.

Pay attention to the scattered clothes and trash

To create the illusion of order, you need to start with the simplest. To carry out the so-called Express cleaning, which will take no more than fifteen minutes. So, to begin with take a look flat, if you notice scattered belongings (for clothes it’s time to throw in the Laundry, dirty socks, things that you just too lazy to convey to the Cabinet), feel free to take a large garbage bag and put everything in there. No, to put them in the dustbin it is not necessary. Then in a quiet environment you finally run the washing machine. By the way, the garbage that you will also catch the eye in the process of sorting things, too, can be folded into a separate package and then quietly send it to the trash chute.

Wash the floor and dirty dishes

So, you freed all horizontal surfaces from scattered clothes, dirty things and debris. Now proceed to the main stage. Sometimes you seem to have brushed all the surfaces, but completely forgot about the floors. And in the end, your apartment looks like a MOP and a rag you have not touched for a very long time. Therefore, we recommend to take a vacuum cleaner and walk through all visible places. Believe me, it will take a few minutes. As for the dirty dishes, if you have a dishwasher, then you are extremely lucky! You can put the kitchen utensils there and start the cleaning process. Or just fold and forget about it at some point (while the guests do not disperse on their cases). If such a miracle technique you have, you can either roll up our sleeves and quickly to wash all the dishes, or carefully to hide it in an oven, where certainly no one would not look. Importantly, not forget about how, that is you have in the oven!

Look at the restroom

To pour the cleaner into the toilet, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then walk with a brush and rinse, a lot of time is not necessary. But all will Shine if you clean this room regularly. Yes, and don’t forget to washing the sink and mirror to swipe away dirt, toothpaste residue and water stains.

Swipe the dust off the furniture

Arm yourself with a special cloth and a sticky roller for clothes. Dust off visible areas of furniture (pay special attention to the shelves and open shelves) and remove wool, dust and other small particles from the sofas, chairs, Ottomans and pillows. Both fast and efficient!

Air the room

And finally, open the window and fill your room with fresh air and spring scent. After all, nothing refreshes a space as the absence of extraneous odors and dust. So do not be lazy before the arrival of guests to ventilate the room and remove all gadgets for cleaning somewhere far away. What about scented candles, home diffusers and other incense? Experts advise not to abuse such things, otherwise instead of a pleasant aroma, you can get a headache or even an allergic reaction (if, say, overdo it with funds or use them incorrectly).

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