How to deal with heavy legs

If you properly care for your feet, you will fly.
To love the loubies, skinny jeans and the habit of sitting legs crossed— here is a list why we ache and swollen feet at the end of the day. How to “fly” through life without any problems, we suggested the experts.

Heavy legs are a problem

On your feet like shackles hung and after work you put on the back burner dreams of walking to the subway. Your plans are falling apart because of poor circulation.

The fact that our veins are equipped with valves that help blood to rise to the heart. If the veins are for some reason expand, the valves start to work worse, the blood stagnates, the feeling like the ankles tied weights.

Reasons that violate the work of veins, the many sedentary lifestyle, static posture (when you long time sitting or standing without changing position), and even incipient varicose veins.

How to solve the problem: to feel freedom and lightness in the legs, will not only have to reconsider their habits, but also to regularly perform special exercises.

See a specialist

If heaviness in the legs you have constantly is the reason to seek medical attention.

Eat right
Eat less salt and hot spices, try to abandon the semi-finished products (they are always a lot of both). Spices and salt cause fluid retention in the body, so there is swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Take a shower

To blood flow does not stagnate, evening relaxation in the bath replace invigorating shower, ideally — contrast.

Give up high heel shoes

Karl Lagerfeld returned to fashion, the famous two-tone Chanel pumps with low heels, famous brands from Prada to Miu Miu has released a collection of ballet shoes with a pointed toe. A new trend-is it not a reason to abandon your favorite shoes on ten-centimeter heels? After all, the desire to” always be on top ” becomes one of the reasons for the deterioration of ventilation.

More walk

After work it is better to walk to the metro. Breathe in the fresh air and at the same time the blood flow will improve.

Try on compression stockings

Stockings — erotic and practical article of clothing. And compression stockings-also useful. Add them to your image if you have to spend the whole day on your feet or a long flight. They help to improve blood circulation and help to get rid of discomfort.

Give your feet freedom

Try not to sit in a uncomfortable position as a foot, give up your favorite skinny jeans and bandage dresses — all this clamp the vessels.

Use special tools

If you want to remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs, regularly use vasoconstrictors, decongestants, which have the following active ingredients: peppermint essential oil, camphor, menthol, horse chestnut, Arnica mountain, Ginkgo biloba, esculoside.

Do the exercises

To prevent the appearance of heaviness in the legs, during the day periodically vitrifies up on toes, hold position is relaxing.

And before going to bed, lift your legs, shake them in the air, twist your feet in different directions, apply a remedy to eliminate weight and fatigue.


Edema can wait for us at the end of the day. Therefore, experts do not recommend going to the store for new shoes after work. Edema appears when the lymph flow slows down and, as a consequence, liquid accumulates in the tissues.

How to solve the problem: your rescuers — massage, baths and special tools.

Make a foot bath

To remove puffiness, lower your legs in warm water, for example, with sea salt or peppermint essential oil. The temperature should not be above 35 degrees, the duration is not more than 10 minutes. This bath has a restorative and tonic effect.

Take a cool shower

After shower, lie down with legs on the wall. This will improve blood flow and lymph flow.

Do massage

Massage your feet and ankles without much pressure.

Use special tools

Apply oils, creams and slimming products to your feet, they stimulate the removal of excess fluid.

The most correct position for sleep — on the back, legs straightened and slightly raised (you can put them on the pillow or under the mattress to arrange a few books), the head lies on a special pillow from wrinkles.

Sleep right

Use ice cubes

Prepare special ice cubes against edema and massage their feet.
Mix remedy against swelling with water 50/50, freeze. At the end of the day, spend a cube of ice around the ankle, on the calves, knees. This will cause narrowing of blood vessels and give the legs a feeling of freshness.

Drink water

Consume at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid during the day and remember our advice about the rejection of salt and spicy food — it will reduce the likelihood of edema.

Make a relaxing massage

  • In the shower massage your feet with cool water on both sides and calves.
  • Make a relaxing foot bath.
  • Put the left ankle on the right knee, apply exfoliating agent, moving from the fingers to the heel. Change your leg. Wash off the scrub.
  • Circular motions of the thumbs, knead the pads of the foot. Take a foot in the palm so that one lies on the back side of the foot, and the other on the sole. RUB the foot first one, then the other hand, moving from the fingers to the ankle and back.
  • With your thumbs, draw a heart in the center of the arch of the foot, repeat three times. Press the center of the heart with a bent index finger. This helps to relax and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Massage the entire sole of the foot with small circular movements of the thumbs, moving from the pads.
  • Grasp the ankle with your hands without squeezing it, and massage it with light rotating movements.
  • Thumb and index finger, grasp the ankle at the base and RUB her upward movements.
  • Complete the massage, climbing on the ankle with rotating movements of the palms.
  • Take the foot in your palm to large fingers were on the back side, the rest on the vault. Bend the foot inward on both sides, moving from the toes to the heel. Repeat several times.
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