Changing out your formal footwear with … sneakers! This new trend has been taking the fashion world by storm

A lack of comfort has long seemed to have gone hand in hand with fashion – And thank goodness, style no longer requires sacrifice! One of the latest trends is matching up your sneakers with your dress.

A decade ago, sneakers were considered exclusive to sport, and combining them with any other clothing, except for a track suit, was in bad form and bad taste. But street fashion, stylish youth and modern stylists don’t adhere to such outdated notions and they are pushing originality and comfort into the forefront. Sneakers aren’t the same bland shoes as they were 20 years ago and today designers offer entire lines of sneakers for an everyday urban style. These include bright colors, original prints and geometric patterns and even rhinestones.

Dressing in sneakers: What to wear

A few simple rules will help you get on your way.

  • Sneakers won’t give you the appearance of being taller. So… avoid shorter tops like boleros as this will make your figure look a bit stockier. This is especially true for shorter women.
  • Make sure to match your whole outfit to the season. Woolen and leather outfits match well with suede or leather sneakers. Light spring and summer dresses go with lightweight canvas sneakers.
  • Wearing sneakers with any outfit gives you the look of being relaxed and confident. This look follows the current trend of “dressing down”. Wearing this outfit would never be called “elegant” but goes more for a mischievously playful pixie look.
  • Typically, your sneakers should be worn with a short sock hidden from view. However wearing black or colorful tights will give you a splashier, chic appearance.

Basic combinations

Of course, the modern woman wants to keep up her stylish appearance, but we all know that wearing heels throughout the day hurts! Even though that outdated notion of femininity is losing traction, your choice of sneaker brands should be carefully considered. Generally, there are two types of sneakers: actual sportswear, and an urban style more designed for walking. For the dress/sneakers combo, you should be wearing the latter as they will up your style game. If you are unsure of what to wear, using famous brands’ classic styles is always a good way to go.

There is no definitive answer on what combination looks best, as your personality should come into play. As you start experimenting, keep in mind that white sneakers are your friend. They match up with nearly any look and are still feminine.

White sneakers with a white dress
Think: short knit or lace dresses. A-lines, flares and maxis.

White sneakers with a denim dress
Both light and classic denim. Dress shirts, safari dresses, belts and straps, denim sundresses.

White sneakers with a gray dress
Knitted sheaths, minis and floor lengths. Add a short denim jacket and a small handbag with a long belt.

White sneakers with a “maritime” dress
Red, white or blue striped dresses. A pair of white sneakers just adds to the freshness of this look.

White sneakers with a flower print dress
The lighter the better. Flowers aren’t your only option: play around with geometric patterns and polka dots.

Braver looks

Sneakers with long dresses

Longer dresses have always been associated with femininity. The idea of sneakers with a beautiful long dress seems anathema, but this is exactly why you should do it! Be daring!

Sneakers with skirts

Today the sports chic and urban styles are defined by wearing a skirt with your sneakers. Mid length pleated skirts give a sophisticated look while a leather or knitted autumn skirt will up the “wow” factor.

Sneakers with polka dot dresses

Sneakers with a colorful dress with polka dots create a stylish and innocent ensemble. Match with a leather jacket to create a bolder look.

Sneakers and evening dresses

Throw away the rulebook! Turn heads by going out wearing a stunning evening dress with your sneakers. Stay away from conservative; a chiffon, monochromatic high slit dress, or even a short lacy dress works here.

Business dresses with sneakers

If you need to maintain a more formal office style… there is no need to part with foot comfort. Just create monochrome combinations with your sneakers.

Sneakers with dresses and tights

Dresses are already feminine. Tights just add to that look. So…wear something that stands out a bit: Sheer black, fishnet and lace tights will up the hot factor!

Tutus and sneakers

For those of the fairer sex, a tutu combined with sneakers and a t-shirt might seem a bit over the top. This look, however, is embraced today my modern designers as it can be quite feminine while creating an air of seductiveness. The only “no-no” is to go too far by wearing really bright or contrasting colors.

Velvet dresses and sneakers

A velvet dress has long been a symbol of luxury. The past few years has seen velvet as only a “Le Cirque” or “wedding” look, transition into something that can be worn in more “everyday” situations. One of the more interesting and novel trends today, is not shying away from pairing that velvet with some hot sneakers!

Wedding dresses and sneakers

More and more brides are opting to be creative and unique in today’s “Instagram” world. It is becoming more and more fashionable and playful to forgo those standard high heels and go for a more “I’m confident and fun” look by pairing your wedding dress with some sneakers. Remember that your dress, shoes and hair style should all complement each other. Do this, and you’ll have amazing photos and memories to compliment your great day!


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