Feng Shui for happiness and prosperity in the house

Who does not want to have good health, to be successful and happy in life? Of course, everyone wants to. But not at all it turns out. Feng Shui will help you! To do this, you only need to follow simple rules.

Your and your`s loved ones health

The bedroom in the house is one of the important places. Above the bed should not be heavy hanging objects, ceiling beams. Do not hang on the wall pointed objects, even if it is a picture or a lamp. Such objects put pressure on the sleeper and worsen his health.

The cooker affects the health of your loved ones in the family. So you need to always maintain cleanliness.

It is necessary to avoid sharp corners in furniture.And don`t buy everything round shape. Just avoid aiming angles on the sleeping and working space. It’s like a knife edge that sends a sharp stream of negative energy.

Decorate your home with symbols of longevity. These are paintings, statues of crane, deer, bamboo, pine, peach.

Money in your house

Are starting to attract money with hallway. Hang the chandelier with bright lighting. Thus, you name is the auspicious energy of qi. If It will come, will come and the welfare.

With each drop of the faulty tap your money flows. So it is necessary to make repair in time and to watch bathroom equipment in the apartment.

Doors to the toilet and bathroom should always be closed. Well-being in this case will not hold you at home. The toilet lid should also be covered.

Get the money tree houses. Buy it is already an adult. Put the magnet wealth stands in the Southeast of the living room. Watch well, take care of the plant, because each leaf is responsible for your wealth and profit.

From cacti and other house plants with needles is to get rid of. The spines carry negative energy Chi.

Figurines of turtles also attracts prosperity into your home. Put a statue in the North corner of your apartment.

According to Feng Shui colors also have their energy. So pay attention to the color of your wallet. Let it be red. Inside lay associated red rope three coins. They, too, will attract to you wealth.

Energy of love

For love is responsible the Yang energy. For her hang in the apartment portrait of a favorite actor or singer. You can just put a statue of a dragon with a pearl in his mouth. Install is to the East of the apartment.

A variety of symbols of love should be paired. Figures dolphins, kittens, twins.

If possible, remove all mirrors from the bedroom. If this is not possible, then simply do not place a mirror in front of bed. During sleep, a person gets rid of negative energy, if the bedroom mirror, the energy will always return back.

“Music of wind” of the 5 tubes in the bedroom will dissipate the negative energy of their ringing.

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