Foundation vs Concealer – What Are The Difference?

The ideal tone of the skin can not be achieved if only one product is used as a tone basis. Today, there are many cosmetic products on the market complementing each other.
With their help you can hide small and large flaws, align the tone, make the skin smooth and radiant. Two basic tools that are used to create a perfectly smooth and natural tone – it’s foundation and concealer.

What is concealer?concealer meaning

The concealer is a highly pigmented agent for point application. It is designed to hide redness, small pimples and bruises. The concealer is applied mainly under the eyes.
Consilers produces almost every cosmetic brand. In the mass segment, you can find inexpensive consigners from L’Oreal and Maybelline, among the cosmetics of the “luxury” class, consigners from Bobby Brown, Yves Saint Laurent and Shiseido are in demand.

How does it work?

The concealer will not be superfluous in a cosmetic bag of any woman, as dark circles or inflammations under eyes sooner or later happen at all. But those for whom bruises or pimples are a chronic problem, concealer is simply necessary. A dense concealer can hide noticeable skin imperfections.

The key component of the concealer is a special pigment that is designed to “block” unwanted color spots on the face. Often in the composition of the concealer there are light-reflecting particles, which also hide the flaws, and the skin acquires an exquisite glow.

Сhoose and use

The concealer is applied to the skin under the eyes, using a special technique: the inverted triangle is drawn and shaded. Consists are usually released in three forms:

  • stick;
  • pencil;
  • liquid concealer.

choosing a concealer

Depending on the type of skin and personal preferences, as well as the shortcomings that must be masked, each woman chooses her concealer type.
Where it is more important to choose the right pigment.

Please note that a concealer with a yellow pigment works well with bruises, and a reddish vascular mesh conceals a green pigment.

The concept of foundationconcept of foundation

Foundation cream is a cosmetic product that serves as the basis for make-up. It smooths the complexion, hides minor imperfections, and modern foundation creams protect and nourish the skin.
On the shelves are foundation creams for every taste and purse: from budget Rimmel and Vivienne Sabo to luxurious Christian Dior and Guerlain.

There is a foundation cream in almost every cosmetic bag. A rare girl over 20 years old can boast a perfect even complexion. foundation creams come in different densities, there are also very light, only slightly smoothening skin imperfections and quite suitable even to the youngest people. Well, in adulthood can not do without a thick foundation.

How is it made of and how is it applied?

There are hundreds of types of foundation creams. On an aqueous and fatty basis, with vitamins and antioxidants, natural oils and mineral particles.

But the main component of the foundation was and remains the pigment, in other words – the coloring matter, the color base.

Usually a voice-frequency cream use over a special make-up base. It is applied pointwise to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and after brushing or sponging it is distributed throughout the face with soft “driving” movements.

What is the difference?

Unlike concealer, a foundation lotion, as a rule, has a less greasy and less dense basis. In addition, the foundation cream pigment is usually as close to the natural color of the face – beige, pinkish, olive.

difference between concealer and foundation

Whereas the concealer can be yellow, green, and even orange. The area of application is also different. The concealer is used only in the area under the eyes. The foundation cream is distributed all over the face and even the neck.

Do you put concealer on before or after foundation?

Does concealer go on before or after foundation? First cream, and only then – concealer! With the technique of applying a foundation lot, many are familiar for a long time.
But concealer is a relatively new cosmetic product on the Russian market, and not everyone can cope with it.

Very often, for the first time buying concealer, women fail and throw this cosmetic product into the far corner. And all because they misuse it!how to apply concealer

Here are a few conditions that must be observed when applying concealer:

  • Warm hands. The concealer does not interact well with cold surfaces and can simply lie down with lumps without giving the desired effect.
  • Moisturized skin. Before applying the concealer, it is enough to lightly moisten the skin with water.
  • The right shade. The color of the pigment has already been mentioned above. Choosing concealer, you need to remember that it should be lighter than your foundation, but do not contrast with it too much.

And the most important rule: concealer is applied to the skin after a foundation shave! Otherwise, it will simply not have any effect!

What is better to choose?

Imagine that you have overslept and are late for work or an important meeting. You only have five minutes to get your face in order. Than to use: concealer or a foundation cream?
However, one can not unequivocally say that concealer is always better than foundation, or vice versa, that a foundation is preferable. These funds give the maximum effect only in combination with each other!

Can you use concealer as foundation?

How to make a concealer from a foundation? And whether it is possible to use foundation cream instead of concealer? If there was an urgent need to hide skin imperfections, which can not cope with a foundation, you can prepare concealer yourself.

make concealer out of foundation

To do this, you need to take a foundation slightly lighter than the one you use on your face, or add a little light powder to your cream, preferably with reflective particles. All this carefully mix and hold a little in the air to give the cream slightly oxidized – then the pigment will appear brighter. After that, the homemade concealer needs to be dotted on problem areas over the foundation.

Remember, this is an emergency option, and it’s better to keep the concealer concealed in the cosmetic bag.

We use both products for an ideal tone

So, concealer and foundation are fundamentally different cosmetic products, which in no way replace, but only complement each other!
It is not superfluous to recall once again that a foundation lotion in combination with a properly selected concealer will give your face a smooth and radiant color and eliminate visible defects. At the same time, you will look fresh and natural.

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