Healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Life is difficult at times; we’re living in a world where we’re always in a rush. Breakfast, as many generations have said, is the most important meal of the day. Yet in our hurry to go about our busy days, we tend to forget it, or choose a quick, unhealthy option.

However, we shouldn’t. You can eat a healthy breakfast that doesn’t take long to prepare. We’ve decided to show you how. And what’s better? We’re going to use one simple ingredient which you probably have already: Eggs.

Healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Eggs are a great food because they are complete – that is, they are filled with everything you need to go about your day; fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Below, we’ll give you some ideas for meals you can use eggs to create.

Easy breakfast recipes with eggs

The king of all easy egg recipes is the fried egg. Simply put some oil in a pan, heat it, and then crack an egg over the top – wait until the clear egg white turns white. You have a fried egg.
Or, you can pop a full egg in its shell into boiling water and leave it to sit for five minutes or so. You have a boiled egg.

easy breakfast recipes with eggs

Or, you can whisk an egg up in a bowl with a fork, then pour that into a frying pan as you would a fried egg; you have an omelette.
Omelettes are the best option, because you can add anything to them; from fried peppers to leftovers from last night to bacon – you can put practically anything in an omelette, and it’s healthy and will give you the boost you need to start your day and see you through to lunch.

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Diabetic breakfast recipes with eggs

All of our egg recipes are derived from those basic egg preparations. Even for complex diseases like diabetes, a simple vegetable omelette will give you a great breakfast – without you having to worry about your blood sugar.

diabetic breakfast recipes with eggs

Similarly, take some fried eggs and make a risotto with them. Delicious, good for you, and no worrying about aggravating your condition.
If you like cakes for your breakfast but are afraid you’ll make them worse – don’t worry. You can make a simple egg muffin to quell the need for breakfast cake. You still won’t have to worry about being unhealthy.

Low calorie breakfast recipes with eggs

Something that people worry about with eggs is that they are high in calories and fat. You don’t have to worry about this – there are plenty of low calorie recipes which use eggs. For instance, you can use eggs as a substitute for pizza base. Essentially, create an omelette, and then add your ingredients – tomatoes, cheese (not too much!) and mushrooms (Or whatever you love on your pizza.)

Low calorie breakfast recipes with eggs


You can then leave this in the oven or grilled until cooked, and you’ve essentially got a pizza without the huge calorie numbers that a pizza dough base would give you.
Eggs are incredibly versatile, so if we haven’t written about your particular need for eggs, you just need to use a little imagination!

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