Home remedies for pimples

For some of the most important years of our life, the small red dots we get on our face are the bane of our existence. They hurt, they look terrible, and they lower our self-esteem. The medical industry would have you believe that you need a million different cosmetic products and even more different, expensive treatments in order to get rid of pimples.
Luckily, that isn’t quite true.

This article will tell you all you need to know about pimples removal on face at home with no extra equipment needed.

predict pimples on face

How to predict pimples on face, on chin

If you’ve been to a good doctor, then they’ll tell you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s true about pimples. We want to prevent pimples more than we want to cure them.
Unfortunately, there’s no sure fire way to predict pimples on face. However, we can get a good approximation. Say you want to predict pimples on chin. Firstly, you can look and see if there are any blackheads – or swollen pores. These tend to be what causes a pimple, as debris accumulates in the pore and this leads to swelling and inflammation as your body fights to absorb the waste products.

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predict pimples on chin

Then you can look for patches of skin that are in the early stages of being inflamed. A pimple is red and sore, but it doesn’t happen immediately. You’ll be able to see a slight pinking before a full blown pimple arrives.

Thirdly, you can gently rub over your skin with clean hands. If you feel a spot of slight pain, then you might be feeling the pus that’s accumulating under your skin. This is where the subcutaneous battle is ongoing.

pimples removal on face at home

So these are the ways you can feel if a pimple is on the way. What to do about it? That’s coming up next.

Pimples treatment at home

Remember, a pimple is a result. We want to cure the problem before it turns into a pimple.

Of course, the majority of this is looking after your skin:
Wash regularly – and don’t let the dirt accumulate in your pores.
Eat a healthy diet – then the oils that your body excretes will be less harmful, and also won’t accumulate, blocking the pores.
Exercise regularly – this replaces the lymph fluid and will get your pores sweating – getting rid of any debris.
This is basic information that anyone can follow. But what happens when you can feel a pimple on its way, and you already do those things?

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pimples removal on face at home

Firstly, pimples are caused by inflammation and by debris.
Use cold water as well as cotton wool balls to gently clean the face. Then use a cooling agent – this can be an ice pack. It’s why people suggest using toothpaste – it cools the skin down, and it also promotes blood flow. The blood flow will quicken the taking away of waste products in the blood stream, and the coldness will block an inflammation from forming.
That’s all there is to it. Use this simple science to avoid getting pimples that make you feel bad and look bad.

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