How do you hide wrinkles on face with makeup

We all want to look good, and we all want to look younger than we are. Unfortunately, age catches up with all of us. There’s little we can do about it. Fortunately though, being older doesn’t mean looking older. This article is going to concentrate on how you can use make-up to cover up the worries of age, and keep a youthful looking face until way longer than all of your friends have started looking old. So, let’s get started!

How to hide wrinkles under eyes

Unfortunately, when it comes to wrinkles accumulating, we have to start with under your eye area. This is where the wrinkles are the most stubborn and frequent.
As with anywhere else, you need to keep the skin moisturised. You can use moisturiser, and here it’s beneficial. This also means though that you shouldn’t use too much powder in the area.

How do you hide wrinkles on face with makeup

Then you should use foundation – try something that’s very light; somewhat like a moisturiser but with the skin tone you need.
Go very lightly when it comes to the under eye area – remember, too heavy handed and you’re going to irritate the area and dry it out.

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How to hide wrinkles around mouth

There are several steps to hiding wrinkles around the mouth.
Firstly, apply your moisturiser (There’s a theme building here!)
Secondly, apply a primer, or a gel filler. This’ll help with “filling in” the wrinkles.
Then, apply your foundation.
Finish up with a concealer and some lip balm, to have full, youthful and healthy looking lips.

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How do you hide wrinkles on face with makeup

How to hide wrinkles on forehead

The one way to ensure you get rid of wrinkles on the forehead is botox! However, unless you want to potentially end up looking like a celebrity horror story of how it goes wrong, we suggest using make-up. Forehead wrinkles can be quite deep, so you should use primer (moisturiser is obvious too!) followed by foundation. The reason primer is important here is that if you apply foundation straight away, you’re actually going to make the forehead wrinkles worse; after all, the foundation will seep into your creases and accentuate them. Not a look we want. So, use the primer. It’s like a foundation for your foundation.

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How do you hide wrinkles on face with makeup

How to hide wrinkles between eyebrows

Frown lines between the eyebrows should be eliminated. They make you look severe, and as though you’re taking life too seriously – even when you’re laughing!
The way to get rid of eyebrow furrows is to firstly make sure the area is moisturized. Secondly, you need to follow the procedure above for forehead lines – use a primer followed by foundation.
Then, thirdly, you need to do a glamour trick – that is, you need to do an expert job of making up your eyes. Use eyeliner, eye shadow and blush around the eye area, because this will take any attention away from your brow, and make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Similarly, make sure your eyebrow grooming is on point.

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