How not to rise the bait of online womanizer men

Many men for some reason believe that registering on a Dating site is like a gesture of despair. So they put out their traps in social networks. How they do it, says the March Metro.


How not rise to the bait of online womanizer men

How the game starts

Three things on the Internet you can watch endlessly: the gifs with cats on Chinese websites with the dresses and how free (or consider themselves to be free) male calling to the female. No, not all, many loners do not use the Network to search for adventure. This is usually quite nice and confident people, able to seduce the girl in real life. But when a man for whatever reason is limited in communication (lives away from hunting trails, not very good, poor, lazy, and doubts himself), he puts the snare line. Only need to look through his account to see it.


How to read their photo

How not rise to the bait of online womanizer men

Take a look at the photo. You will see an elaborate perspective, and a bit murky lighting, masking the lack of hair or excess of pimples. If he happen to have muscles, they will be demonstrated, do not worry, everything will be able to strain. With clearly curves or short legs is most common waist plan or, in the absence of the abdomen, as they say in the movies: “down to “testicles”. If a citizen is fatso, the picture is cut at the chest (so-called “milky” plan), but will see heavy shoulders and thick arms in a sweater with long sleeves — then it’s harder to understand these amounts from meat or fat.

“Dystrophic”… sorry, people of aristocratic constitution are limited to portraits of the “collar” and take a complex faces… an multifaceted expression, I want to say! It will be either a) artistic, b) homeless, c) arrogant d) threatening, d) demon e) uh, gentle and so on.

When the person is better not to show face at all, great for motorcycle helmets, hoods pulled low, long bangs, dark glasses and all kinds of half-turn increments, it’s so mysterious.


How to read between the lines their text


And now the texts. A man in search not boast, he, in the words of Tom Sawyer, “flourishes” — i.e., “practiced in all the arts that you can fascinate a girl and win her approval”. He demonstrates achievements, skills, his glass beads, trinkets and candy wrappers. It could be his car, a medal for third place in the ski race among the tenants of the housing Department number seven, twenty-seconds in the frame of the TV news and God knows what: the set of things that people are proud of, defies description. And Yes, if he has a big dick, you’ll know it; he must somehow make a joke about the joys and complexities of its owning.

If a man has a heroic story, he behaves decently and brag of the intangible: the richness of the inner world, the talent, a romantic character and complex disposition. Yes, some of them seriously think that a set of phobias, moral injury and misanthropy can someone attract.

Who has a heroic past, those waving them, like a bullfighter capes: sometimes widely, sometimes only show the edge, intriguing. They write about themselves as if moving slightly to the side, throwing his silhouette in broad strokes or thin pencil line, not forgetting to describe carefully some valuable bit (you remember, car, member, candy wrappers).


How to find out past relations


Separate line are of a relationship with Her — with all of “them” that ever were, with those which had never been (but who will check), and The Only One that will one day appear.

And then the man starts on the thinnest ice. About the former, as we know, good or anything. A bit of good irony and pent-up grief — that’s all you can afford in the public domain, the rest is in the PM. But nobody will prevent to walk on all-women shortcomings, as if hinting that he had suffered from a wives of infidelity, misunderstanding and emptiness. In parallel, the chanting of Perfect Women with round knees, warm hair and gentle hands, and most importantly, with a heart of gold. Specific performance characteristics of ladies they are not pushing, and that potential prey could be scared and to consider themselves unworthy of their high demands. Therefore, more and more about the soul, the elusive feminine touch and subtlety of nature: tell me, which girl does not believe that her inner world is attractive in the extreme. The man swears that he would meet Her then he will be loyal, will move mountains, flood with love, showered with flowers and bonk her to death. And some simple soul is able to think seriously: “what if I’m her?”


How to understand their moves


This is the snare spread out on its territory, but who will know until it is released for hunting. Make friends with girls, beauties to his taste, which most likely will not, but you never know; single, sassy and presumably hungry; quiet and ordinary, and such can be given; young and inexperienced. Add the fat “moms”, because it is his main groupie, the future avant-garde — those who shed a tear over a romantic passages and carry the glory on the Internet. The difference is that the first group he likes all pictures up to the toilet selfie, and second only to the archive, the times of my youth, but you write good comments and praise texts.

When (if) his efforts will be crowned with success, the man calms down some, but the prey does not impose peace, because he is afraid to disband the rest of the game. So he’s always searching, always alone and not quite satisfied. No, not sexually, but his soul yearns.


How to end this

How not rise to the bait of online womanizer men

Such characters a lot. The quality and detailing draw their paintings depend on the abilities of the author: most often it turns out not very clever, and sometimes even interesting, but the main thing here — vector “call females”. So you can easily recognize them when you meet — the tone of voice and sadness in his eyes, trembling feelings, intolerance of irony in your address and Homeric funny and self-presentation.

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