How To Care For Dry Bleached Hair Tips

Bleaching is known to completely damage your hair. It deprives the hair from all its natural moisture and protective oils which makes the hair brittle and prone to breakage. Even knowing this fact, women and some men still get their hair bleached and when the damage is done, they want to repair the damage.

Since bleach has many chemicals, it is prudent not to run after further chemical treatments to restore the damage. You can care for your bleached hair naturally as well which is more advantageous and has no side effects.

Read on to learn about how to care for bleached hair naturally.

How to care for bleached damaged hair

As mentioned above, bleaching severely damages your hair by removing the natural oil and moisture from the hair. Therefore, oiling bleached hair frequently is a must. The best oils for oiling bleached hair are, pure coconut oil (natural moisturizer that adds strength), extra virgin olive oil (prevents hair loss due to breakage) and almond oil (good for added moisture).

To make this oil treatment, combine a cup of coconut oil with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and almond oil and warm it in the microwave. Massage from your roots all the way to your ends. Focus more on the ends. This hot oil treatment needs to be done at least twice a week.

How to care for bleached damaged hair

Use a mild shampoo, as shampoo again strips the hair of natural oil and avoid washing your hair too much at the most, wash your hair twice a week. After shampoo, follow with a good moisturizing conditioner and then make sure you do some deep conditioning as well with the help of hair masks.

A natural hair mask which you can make at home and will deeply condition your hair is a mix of banana, honey and yogurt. Give yourself this treatment once a week.

Give yourself regular protein treatments as well. Use yogurt and egg to make one at home. A good, quick natural hair treatment is mayonnaise because it is a mixture of oil, eggs and vinegar.

How to care for bleached blonde hair

Follow all the steps as above. Furthermore, be careful to avoid the sun and humidity as the heat is said o fry the hair and make it more brittle. Therefore, whenever you are exposed to the sun, cover your hair with a hat. If you can, use sunscreen for hair and avoid using your heat styling products.

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How to care for bleached blonde hair

How to care for bleached highlighted hair

Again the same tips as above apply. Hair is highlighted using chemicals and bleaches which strip the hair of all natural oils. Therefore, conditioning your hair is a must. Oil your hair regularly and give yourself deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments.

How to care for bleached highlighted hair

How to care for bleached curly hair

Curly hair is more porous and dryer than straight hair. As a result, if you have got your hair bleached and your hair happens to be curly, you need to care for your bleached hair more religiously. So instead of oiling your hair twice a week, you need to do it thrice a week. Give yourself deep conditioning treatments, and protein treatments at least twice a month.

w to care for bleached curly hair

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