How To Choose Concealer Shade For Every Type Of Skin

Concealer is one such make up product that happens to be a beauty staple in all makeup artist’s kits all over the world. Concealers are used to change the appearance, to cover up blemishes or even tattoos, highlight the face and also remove under eye darkness or circles.
However, many people are scared of using concealers. This is mostly due to the fact that they cannot find the right shade therefore, this article guides you on how to choose the perfect concealer shade.

How to choose concealer color

The goal in finding the right concealer color is to find a matching concealer to your foundation color. Depending on whether you want to highlight or cover up blemishes or spots, you can go either one shade lighter than your foundation color however; remember not to go too light or dark.

how to choose perfect concealer


How to choose right concealer for skin

You should find the perfect concealer for your skin type. Generally, concealers come in two mains forms, liquid and cream. Now depending on your skin, you need to look for a concealer that goes well with it. If you have oily skin you should ideally go for a liquid based concealer as they are light and also won’t clog up your pores. However, if your skin is dry, you can opt for cream based concealers as that will also help to moisturize the dry patches.

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How to choose concealer for eyebrows

If you want to conceal your eyebrows, you need to buy a very heavy, cream based concealer that can help camouflauge your eyebrows. There are some good ones available that also help to conceal tattoos therefore, you can opt for those.

How to choose concealer for dark circles

Dark circles are one of the most common problems women face these days. Because of a lack of sleep, working for long hours on your computer, ageing, dry skin and staying up late at night on a daily basis, most women suffer from dark circles. To cover dark circles with concealer, pick an orange, yellow or peach-pinkish colored concealer to counteract the blue-ish undertones of the dark circles

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How to choose concealer for dark skin

If you have dark skin, it is not hard choosing a concealer. You first need to look for those brands that make good concealers for dark skin. Secondly, you will need to try and test out different concealer shades to see which one matches with your skin perfectly. You can also consult makeup artists or sales girls or boys who are present to help you out.

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How to choose concealer for Indian skin

Choosing a concealer for Indian skin is the same as choosing a concealer for dark skin. You will need to find a makeup brand that makes good concealer for Indian skin or dark skin so that you have a variety of colors and shades available to choose from. Once you find a good brand, you will need to try out different shades and test them in different lighting.

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