How to choose right makeup brushes

You can spend hours at the cosmetics store, choosing the lipstick or the shade, but stand with the so-needed accessories surely will pass by. And for good reason! Professional makeup artists are ready to tell you about why it is important to have in your cosmetic bag makeup brushes, and to tell about all the intricacies of a fluffy choice.

If you love animals more than life, take tools with synthetic hair. In all other cases in your cosmetic case should settle and natural brushes and artificial. It is the opinion of makeup artists.

Large natural makeup brush



The minimum makeup brush set

According to the pros, this set of brushes should be enough to do decent makeup on your own:

Flat synthetic oval makeup brush

Makeup artists call it “cat tongue”, but would be better if we didn’t know that. It you can apply the creamy texture, i.e. to create the tone of the face, from the base to blush if they are not crumbly. Your movements should be short: it is necessary not to smear or rub foundation, but “drive” into the skin. The specialist could say “tamp in”.

Oval eyeshade makeup brush


Large natural makeup brush

You need it to carefully spread powder across face. If the velvet cloth or sponge available, you have every right not to use this brush. If neither one available, fill cover with a small amount of powder, dip a brush there and with a sweeping circular motions apply the powder on the face. With the pressed product act in a similar manner.

Medium size blush makeup brush

From the dimensions of this brush depends the size of the blush on your cheeks. To application border was not visible, choose tool of smooth forms.

Medium size blush makeup brush


Oval eyeshade makeup brush

If it’s natural, pigment will stain your skin gradually. This fixture is the easiest way to do shading and gradients. Same one with a nylon pile instantly stains the eyelid color, which is depicted on the packaging of the shadows or from the manufacturer.

Flat synthetic oval makeup brush

Flat lip makeup brush

Choose one with short natural hair. It would be good if the brush was folding: then you can always take it with you. This tool is also convenient to draw the eye, but meaning that you promise to wash it after each use.


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