How to choose the best sunscreen

Do you know more than 2 million of USA population diagnosed with skin cancer annually and the reason behind skin cancer is not protecting skin from skin rays which contain UVA and UVB. UVA is the longer wave UV ray that causes lasting skin damage, skin aging and case causes skin cancer while UVB is the shorter wave UV ray that causes sunburn, skin damage and can causes cancer.

So, the solution to deal with sun rays is to use sunscreen. Many people who use sunscreen on daily bases also got skin problems including skin cancer. No it is not the fault of sunscreen but they are using the wrong type of sunscreen on their face. So, it is very necessary for you to choose the correct sunscreen as per your skin type.

how to choose sunscreen

When you shop for sunscreen you need to care about the following things:

• Your skin type, because there are different sunscreen for different type of skin
• Difference in sun protection factor; SPF 15 filter 93% of incoming UVB rays while SPF 30 and SPF 50 filter 97% and 98% respectively.
• The purpose of using sunscreen, atmosphere, temperature and humidity in air etc.

Following I am sharing quick tutorial how to choose sunscreen according to the skin type.

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How to choose sunscreen for combination skin

Generally the normal skin is known as combination skin which goes dry and become oily as per weather condition. For combination skin you should go with a sunscreen which can moisturize your dry skin. A lightweight sun block cream and lotion would be a great choice but make sure it does not overwhelming your T-zone because it is the part of face which has the most oil. A formula which does not grease and leave oily your skin would be perfect. For SPF go with a sun block which has SPF 60.

how to choose sunscreen

How to choose sunscreen for oily skin

People believes that those who has oily skin does not required to put sunscreen because their skin is already moisture with skin oil. But this is not true because that oil does not protect your skin from UVB rays. For oily skin you need to look for a sun block which makes oil dry and also moisturize your skin. A product which contain noncomodegenic would be great choice because noncomodegenic will not clog your pores. The other things you need to care about a sun block which is oil free and water based, specially for face you won’t like to make your face too greasy and heavy.

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how to choose sunscreen

How to choose sunscreen for dark skin

It is fact that people who has dark skin has power to fight against sun rays because dark skin has huge amount of protective melanin. But it does not mean that the people with dark skin does not required to put sunscreen, they need to take care of their skin in same way like other people do. So, first thing you need to care about is your skin type. Mostly people with dark skin has oily skin so go with oil free and water bases sun block cream or lotion. The SPF level should be 50+ for dark skin.


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