How To Cook Healthy Dinner In 20 Minutes Or Less

You may think that the idea of an easy dinner in 20 minutes is unrealistic. Without even bothering to try them out, you find yourself to be highly suspicious of dinner in 20 minutes recipes.

Easy Cavatappi With Prosciutto And Parmesan

This pasta recipe is a great example of an easy dinner in 20 minutes:

  • 1/2-pound uncooked cavatappi.
  • Cooking spray.Cavatappi With Prosciutto And Parmesan
  • A single, minced clove of garlic.
  • One TBSP of fresh parsley, nicely chopped.
  • Two TBSP of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • 1/2 TSP of salt.
  • 1/2 TSP of freshly grounded black peppers.
  • One ounce of very thinly-cut prosciutto slices, made into thin strips.
  • An ounce of freshly-shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

You’re ready to tackle this extremely popular example of dinner in 20 minutes recipes:

  • Follow the directions for the pasta, but leave out the salt and the fat. When you’re finished, drain the pasta, and reserve three TBSP of cooking liquid.
  • Get the pan warmed up over a medium heat.
  • Have the pan coated with cooking spray.
  • Sautee the garlic for a full minute.
  • Take the pan off the heating source, and add your three TBSP of cooking liquid. Add your pasta, as well.
  • Allow everything to stand for two minutes.
  • Stir in your parsley, your oil, your salts, your peppers, and then add your prosciutto.
  • Sprinkle with parmesan.

Butternut Squash Pizza With White Sauce, Spinach, And Goat Cheese


How To Cook Healthy Dinne

Here’s what you need for this extremely easy dinner in 20 minutes recipe:

  • Two cups pre-cut peeled butternut squash.
  • One-fourth TSP of divided kosher salt.
  • One eight-ounce pre-baked pizza crust.
  • 5 TBSP of cooled, light Alfredo sauce.
  • One TSP of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Six cups of freshened baby spinach.
  • Approximately 1/4 cup of crumbled goat cheese.
  • One-fourth TSP of freshly grounded black peppers.

For prep:

  • After preheating your oven to 450-degrees, place your squash in a big microwave-safe dish. Add water to the 1/2-inch point, cover with plastic-wrap, and then microwave at high for five minutes. Drain and toss the squash with one-eighth kosher salt.
  • As the squash is cooking, add the Alfredo sauce to your crust.
  • Heat up your oil with a non-stick skillet, and then sauté this with the spinach for about a minute. Add the rest of your salt.
  • Put the spinach over the sauce, and then begin topping things off with your squash and goat cheese. Add some pepper at the end.
  • Cook your pizza in the bottom-third for 6m, and then set oven to broil for an extra minute after that.

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