How to do a smokey eye make up step by step

You don’t just have to know how to apply makeup, there are certain things that need to be considered if you are looking to achieve the perfect look. For the best Smokey eye makeup, the most important factor is keeping in mind the eye color and then choosing the right colors. Here we will tell you how to do Smokey eye makeup in day time or night with steps.

How to do Smokey eye make up for blue eyes

How to do Smokey eye make up for blue eyes

You should choose three shades of each color that are a light, creamy color, a medium base color, and a dark smoky color. For blue eyes to be more appealing, choose lighter colors like gold or copper. For the perfect Smokey look, a dome shaped brush is just what you need.

Step 1: Apply the lightest color on the eyelid; make sure you get the corner of your eyelids, as well as the area under your eyebrows. This will work to highlight the area around your eyes.

Step 2: Now apply your medium eye shadow on the eyelid without blending it too much.

Step 3: Time to apply the darkest color. With your dome brush, apply the darkest shade to the corners of your eyes. Sweep it half way into the crease of your eyelid and on your lash line.

How to do a Smokey eye for brown eyes

How to do a Smokey eye for brown eyes

The difference in Smokey make up for different eye colors is the color selection. For brown eyes, you can use dark colors like black and grey as much as you like.

Step 1: Apply a black or gray, cream shadow to your eyelid as it will serve as a base, and help keep the powdered shadow in place for longer.

Step 2: Now apply a dark shade powder over the cream all over the eyelid and with the help of a brush blend it till the crease.

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How to do a Smokey eye for hazel eyes

How to do a Smokey eye for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes look beautiful with subtle green eye shadow, which works to accent the green in your eyes.

Step 1: Apply the medium tone of green on your eye lid, blending it up to the crease.

Step 2: Now blend the darkest color on your crease.

Step 3: Apply the second lightest color above your crease and blend it well with the darkest tone.

Step 4: Apply the lightest color in your pallet to your brow bone as a highlight.

How to do a Smokey eye for green eyes

How to do a Smokey eye for green eyes

For green eye color, choose colors like grey and plum.

Step 1: Apply the lightest color on your eye lid.

Step 2: Now take your medium tone like light grey and apply it over the lid with slight blending.

Step 3: Now take the darkest tone of plum or gray and apply it on the corner moving it towards the crease of the eye.

Step 4: Now take the medium tone and use it for blending over the crease.

Your Smokey eye look is ready. Applying eye liner is up to you. These looks can go with or without eyeliner perfectly.

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