How to get benefits of early rise


Modern civilization has given man a lot of interesting and useful things, but it also managed to take his time, health and peace of mind. Therefore, in matters of self-development and personal growth a return to naturalness and simplicity is raised quite often.
The benefits of early rise


Early rise from the point of view of ancient knowledge

So, according to Ayurveda, the Vedas about health, early hours of the rising can be divided into several categories:

  • 3 — 4 o’clock in the morning
    The time when the Sun is just gaining its own energy. It is believed that wake up to this time very few highly inspired
  • 4 — 5 o’clock in the morning
    People who get up at this time, able to charge people with optimism, to lead and actively implemented in the field of material activities
  • 5 — 6 am
    Those who rise at this time, able to achieve many results, to avoid many problems, but some particularly deep transformations are not achievable

How to get benefits of early rise

  • 6 — 7am
    The sun has already risen, so a rise at this time gives no profit.
  • Further than later
    The later a man forces himself to get out of bed, the harder it will be to achieve some significant goals in life. Such people often will manifest itself in a decadent mood, depression, chronic illness.


Note: be Sure there are those who will object, having proved to be a night owl or their existence… Such a disappoint: owls do not exist. This is a side effect of the modern world, which does not apply to the natural rhythm of human life.
“Owls” began to appear only with the invention of electricity; and later, when it began to envelop all spheres of our activities, the term “owl” was a great way of self-justification: for early recovery still requires some effort, especially in the face of constant races for career and profit.


Early rise from the point of view of ancient knowledge

The benefits of early rise

I started to practice early rise when I realized that my “owls” time management totally failed, time — limited and the number of the desired cases — is enormous. In the early hours particularly well to engage in spiritual practices or doing things that require high concentration and perseverance. Both of these classes require high purity of consciousness, which is the easiest, most natural way comes about this time.

In addition, a personal experience, I found that in early in the morning there is an effect that I call the “compression of time”: 1 hour in this time is equals to 2 hours in the afternoon and 3-4 in the evening.
How to start practicing early rise


How to start practicing early rise

Any phenomenon has a cause. A great cause for a productive morning can become conscious evening, so:

  1. refrain from eating before bedtime. If you can’t fight it, eat vegetables or have a yoghurt.
  2. set the alarm clock and put it in the opposite end of the room
  3. do not allow yourself to stay in bed
  4. think of the incentive for early recovery (20 minutes of yoga, meditation, reading books on self-development, photo processing, view inspirational movie, etc.). In our area, so the incentive for many local residents was the lack of queues in a deserted shopping mall =)


Naturally, any external change should come from within, so the first thing to work on is motivation. Do small steps toward selected goals. Freedom is not permissiveness, freedom — in the ability to tame your own selfishness and get out from the power of habits. Be healthy, free, and realized…

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