How to Make Eyelashes Grow – Homemade Recipes

Eyelashes create the beauty of our eyes, but we are not used to taking care of them. Regularly buying funds to strengthen hair, we forget that the hairs on our eyelids have exactly the same structure.

Like other hair, they consist of scales of keratin, which are able to exfoliate under the influence of external factors. And like other hair, they grow not just by themselves, but from the hair follicles located in the skin of the eyelids. In addition, the age of their lives is limited. For each hair, it is approximately 200 days. But whether a new one will grow in its place and how long it will be, the ability of how to grow long eyelashes depends solely on the correctness of care.

Use proper make-up remover for long lashes

How to grow thick and long eyelashes

Massage of eyelids to improve the growth of eyelashes. On the fingertips, apply a couple drops of oil, you can castor, burdock, almond or any other, and gently massage your eyelashes and eyelashes. In time this will take no more than 5 minutes. It is still useful for your eyes, you can improve the sharpness of your eyesight. Use the oil for eyelash growth – an earlier article where a large list of every possible oil is collected, its properties on the eyelashes and the recipes themselves. Take note that you can combine the oils yourself.


What makes your eyelashes grow? Masks for eyelashes. Masks are made on the basis of castor oil, which is considered the best substance for the growth of eyelashes, increasing their length and thickness. Mix a couple of drops of oil, aloe juice, and liquid vitamin A. Apply for a couple of hours before going to bed, and then take off with a dry fleece or disc, but never leave it at night, otherwise swell the eyelids, and think how to get rid of bags under the eyes.

Compresses for eyelashes. They use herbs: chamomile, cornflower, mother-and-stepmother, calendula and, of course, black tea. Brew for no more than half an hour, make a strong broth (minimum water). Apply cotton wool discs to your eyes for about twenty minutes, while occasionally wet into a decoction.


Oil for the growth of eyelashes is the basic element of care for eyelashes, without oil it is almost impossible to quickly grow long eyelashes. And here seems to be a simple question – which oil for the growth of eyelashes fits better than others, runs into the belief that the best oil for the growth of eyelashes is castor. This is not true. More truly, not absolutely so. Castor and burdock oils can be used only as components of masks for eyelashes, and they must be washed off (more about this – in the block about the mask). But with oils that will help you grow long eyelashes and, very importantly, with which you can lubricate your eyelashes without time restrictions, that is for the night or the whole day, are natural almond, sea-buckthorn, peach oil. All of them are sold in pharmacies, it is not difficult to buy.

Choose right mascara for long eyelashes

To oils for growth and care of eyelashes it is possible to add oil solutions of vitamins A and E, juice of an aloe. And that your eyelash remover is always at hand, pour it into a well-washed tube from under the carcass (there is already a brush), which should be stored at room temperature, if your oil for eyelashes contains only oils and vitamins (otherwise case, put the finished oil in the refrigerator). To lashes grow faster, well “stain” the eyelashes with oil, but try not to get in your eyes!

If you decided to quickly grow dense long eyelashes at home, in a day make special masks to accelerate the growth of eyelashes. These masks are prepared on the basis of burdock or castor oil, as I said above, and require removal within an hour after application.


The first option:
To prepare a mask for rapid growth of eyelashes, take one part of castor oil for one part of brandy (cognac can be replaced with aloe juice).

Use masks for long eyelashes

The second variant:
An interesting solution is to combine castor and burdock oil in the same proportion and drop in a mixture of a couple drops of oil solutions of vitamins A and E and as many drops of aloe juice.

The third variant:
And the last version of the mask, which I did to quickly grow eyelashes: I took the same amount of castor oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley, mixed, insisted for 24 hours and applied for 30 minutes to the eyelashes.

If you ask my opinion, which mask will help to grow long eyelashes better quickly than others, I will say – any. But I liked it more with butter and aloe – and do just that, and it works well.

Council – masks for eyelashes put in a refrigerator, before use let them warm up to room temperature and apply for one hour, and process eyelashes with a brush from the carcass or cotton swab.

How to make your eyelashes look longer?

1. Comb the eyelashes after the shower

A special comb, an old but washed brush from a carcass or just a toothbrush. To make them dry not glued, but straightened.

2. Apply hair balm to your eyelashes

Everything that works for the benefit of your hair, helps and eyelashes. After washing, apply an air conditioner to the cilia, hold it for a minute and wash it off.

3. Wash eyelashes with special shampoo

No, a separate shampoo for eyelashes has not yet been invented, but they will grow much better if you wash them with a special baby shampoo marked “without tears.”

4. Take biotin

Or a complex vitamin preparation with vitamins of group B. Eyelashes will become thick and stop falling out, nails, hair will grow stronger, acne will pass, and most importantly – the mood will improve!

5. Use curling tongs as little as possible

No matter how much you want to impress everyone with their long eyelashes open, hold back. To lashes grow healthy and long, you can use curling tongs not more than once a week.

6. Choose a good mascara

Make sure that it contains beeswax and panthenol, even better if mascara is marked as “moisturizing” or “nourishing eyelashes”.

7. Use Baby Powder

How to grow eyelashes at home? While the eyelashes are not yet grown to the desired length, go for a little trick: applying the first layer of mascara, powder them with a baby powder and apply a second layer of carcass. Oops, how they “grew up!”

8. Rinse the mascara properly

Never and for no reason do not drive the discs from the corner to the corner of the eye. Rinse the mascara, moistened with milk, micellar water or a means for demagging with disks strictly according to the growth of eyelashes: from top to bottom. The only way!

9. Change mascara once every three months

Even if it is still a lot and it is not withered, during the use of the carcass the bacteria germinated, unless, of course, you stored it in a sterile vacuum container. And these bacteria change the composition of the carcass itself, turning it into a drying chemical eyelash.

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