How to make a DIY grapefruit body or facial scrub

If you want to get the best out of your skin, then you might consider using a homemade grapefruit scrub for your face or even a homemade grapefruit body scrub. This article will give you a homemade grapefruit body scrub recipe, as well as tell you why you should use grapefruit for your scrubs and why you should make a scrub at home. We’ll also give you a step by step guide on how to make and use your grapefruit scrubs.

DIY grapefruit body scrub

A DIY grapefruit body scrub is great. Especially if you use it with a green tea powder or something similar – you’ll have a freshening effect due to the anti-oxidants in the fruit. Add honey and you’ll smell (and taste!) great!

homemade grapefruit body scrub

A body scrub will also exfoliate your skin. This is incredibly important, because our pores need to breathe in order to remove waste products and chemicals from our body, and exfoliation helps with that removal process.

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DIY grapefruit face scrub

A DIY Grapefruit face scrub can be a perfect way to get yourself anti-aging effects without busting the bank on cosmetic products or risking looking like a freak with botox injections and lip fillers. Grapefruit contains natural anti-oxidants, which make your skin look fresh and decrease the rate of fine lines and wrinkles appearing in your skin.

homemade grapefruit body scrub recipe

A Step-By-Step guide to Making and Using Your Own Grapefruit Body and Face Scrub

One: Create the scrub.
Creating a scrub is easy, and you can change the ingredients to whatever suits your purposes. Take half a grapefruit, squeeze the juice out. Then, add a tablespoon of honey. Then, add half a cup of oatmeal. Mix until it’s a nice consistency. This will then be perfect for use as a scrub.
Two: Use The Scrub
To use the scrub, you simply take the scrub you’ve created in step one, and apply it until you have a coating on your skin. Either your face or your body. Then, what you need to do is simply wait. Wait until the mixture is dry.

homemade grapefruit scrub

Three: Gently remove the scrub.
We suggest that after the scrub is dry, you take a warm water soaked wash cloth and gently rub until the scrub comes off. When the scrub comes off, it will take the dead skin and other exfoliated material with it. It will have left all the wonderful properties of the grapefruit, which by the time the scrub has dried, will have absorbed into your skin.

homemade grapefruit body scrub

Four: Wash yourself thoroughly
We recommend that in order to get those pores working again after the exfoliation, you try using a hot/cold shower approach. If you have a nice hot shower, you’ll remove any of the residue left by your scrub. You’ll also make sure all the dead skin is gone. It’ll also get your pores working again. If you use a contrast shower, it’ll be slightly less pleasant when you switch to cold, but your pores will work double time, and you’ll have healthy, clean skin in no time. Your skin will thank you and you’ll feel great.

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